GitHub Contribution

Jacob Shuman
Sep 23 · 3 min read

Getting my hands dirty with open source.

Recently I have been very active on Github filing issues, submitting completed code, crafting pull requests, and finally dealing with merge conflicts.

All of the projects I contributed to were variations on the note app, similar to the MidNote note-taking application I have blogged about previously.

GitHub Issues

In my time this week, I filed issues on Hansol Cho’s “my-note-app” project. The now closed issue I made can be found at:

I found, while scrolling though the index.html file, that when manually saving a note, a “Note Saved” message would appear regardless of the actual result. This was due to the nature of the fs.writeFile function which is asynchronous and requires a callback function. I fixed the problem by adding an additional callback argument to his saveNote function which would deal with the alert’s synchronicity issue.

On a separate repository I ended up implementing auto save functionality. After merging my pull request, the note-taking web app now allows you to enable auto save and will periodically save your work every minute. There is also a message that will indicate when the page was last successfully saved.

Conversations/Merge Requests

My experience thus far has been a very positive, everyone is incredibly polite and responds fairly quick. Before making my pull requests I did ask the owners of both projects to confirm that my idea/fix fit the scope of their project. I also asked on both of the issues that I worked on if they were alright with me tackling the issue personally.

Both parties responded very quickly and seemed very enthusiastic with my potential contribution to their projects. They both ultimately accepted my pull requests very quickly, even thanking me for my work towards their respective projects.


Overall an incredibly positive experience, everyone was very polite and professional and I can definitely see myself working in open source more frequently!

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