Web-based note-taking

Sep 13 · 1 min read

What is MidNote?

MidNote is an open source web-based note-taking application.

MidNote is hosted and served by GitHub and GitHub Pages respectively.

How does MidNote work?

MidNote stores a simple note in your browser locally on your computer.


Although there is a manual “Save Note” button, your note will automatically be saved every 10 seconds.

If you close and reopen your browser, your note will be saved. Be sure that you do no remove the cookies/cache as that will clear your note.

Your note is only saved in the browser you save it in. This means that if you open the site on Google’s Chrome browser you will have a note that is completely separate from Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

Can I help improve MidNote?

I highly encourage and appreciate any contribution you could make to the development of MidNote!

The public Git repository can be found at https://github.com/jacob-shuman/midnote.

If you have any problems with MidNote or would like to add a feature, please feel free to post a GitHub issue.

Is MidNote free to use?


Anyone can use MidNote 100% free to use!

Where can i find MidNote

You can find and use MidNote at https://jacob-shuman.github.io/midnote/.

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