Going to a school and majoring in football?

In the fall of 2014 I started a huge experience at the University of Alabama. I was beginning my freshman year. I was nervous, but weren’t most freshman? I was majoring in religion, but I felt that most people were majoring in football. The Alabama Crimson Tide which is known for 15 national championships, 24 SEC championships, 115 All-Americans, 24 College Hall of Fame inductees, 1 Heisman trophy winner and many more awards. In the fall the staidum is filled not just for games such as LSU, Ole Miss or Auburn but for games such as Florida Atlantic or Western Carolina. Bryant Denny Staidum can hold over 101,000, but more people are out on the quad or at home watching the games or for the international fans streaming it online. Every student and every fan has now donned Alabama football as a lifestyle. Growing up in the city of Mobile I always considered myself a huge fan of the Crimson Tide; I watched every game, had many shirts and hats and most importantly knew the Alabama fight song. I always considered myself a huge fan but that changed when I began college at UA. At Alabama students always look forward to the weekend not just for relaxation but for football and tailgating. However, it does not just all end there after big wins students run out to the Strip (place near campus filled with restaurants and stores) and cheer at the top of their lungs and celebrate with food and drinks. In the fall football is one of the biggest concerns, but that doesn’t stop from the students going to class and studying for tests. In year one I was not distracted by all the football hype and all the games going on and finished fall semester with a 3.3 GPA. Football season may be one of the most important seasons at UA, but all students know why we are here.