Digital Photography’s Influence will only Grow Greater as Camera Technology Advances

Digital photography has literally built the internet, having fueled the first most successful networks like Flickr and Facebook. As the internet evolved, it wasn’t always clear that imagery would be the dominant medium on the web. It’s quite clear now, that text is almost dead on the web and visual imagery is the dominate medium. Today, current networks, like Pinterest are built on imagery. Even marketplaces like Airbnb can claim their success in part based on quality digital photography. When mobile came along, digital photography’s influence has seemed to only increase. Networks like Instagram are entirely built around people viewing and discussing photos. What’s not clear, is whether digital photography will still have such an influence on future networks and products. In 5, or 25 years, will digital photography still have the same influence, depending on which cameras dominate the market? Will DSLR’s, cameraphones, or wearables dominate the market? How will this influence the future of digital photography?

If anything, regardless of which cameras dominate the market, I only see digital photography becoming more powerful. Wearable startups like getnarrative and newviewwear are literally embedding cameras in our everyday lives. These wearables will spawn a new set of “smart photo” startups like, which aim to find the best sets of photos from a series of photos. Other wearable startups like google’s effort to put camera technology in contact lenses are embedding cameras nearly physically into our lives. Successful new camera-phone-related startups like SnapChat, VSCO, and Moment, show a bright future for digital photography in camera-phones. Groups like the CameraCulture group at MIT are reinventing DSLR’s. Their advancements in things such as sensor technology and easing the ability to share photos, will continue to fuel digital photography’s growth.

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