Understanding HTTP/2 and optimising for performance

Jacob Tan 🐶
Apr 2, 2018 · 6 min read
HTTP/2 is supported on all browsers except Opera Mini and UC Browser for Andriod.

What’s new in HTTP/2?

Why Binary?

Multiplexed Requests, Flow Control and Stream Prioritisation

Site on HTTPS/1.1
Stalled requests in HTTP/1.1
Site with HTTP/2 enabled

Stream Prioritisation

What is HPACK?

Request headers in HTTP/2 are all in lowercase

Server Push

What about QUIC?

Screenshot of requests using HTTP/2 + QUIC/39

How does affect Front End Performance?

What is Domain Sharding?

What is Asset Concatenation?

Does it apply in the HTTP/2 world?

Should I simply switch to HTTP/2?


Jacob Tan 🐶

Written by

Front End Developer | Built 🚃mrt-tan.com 💹 watchcrypto.today | Portfolio at jacobtan.co | Now on blog.jacobtan.co

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