Trump is a problem. But only because America is asking for it.

Over the past two generations, America has become increasingly hungry for authoritarianism. You know, someone who will put their foot down in order to accomplish a revolution like Stalin, Hitler, or even Castro. Some political scientists predicted the sudden rise of an authoritarian leader in the US back in 2009. They blame the entire problem on “far-right” ideology, but this problem is not limited to some radical subsection of ‘conservative crazies’.

The problem is a gargantuan one we have been facing since the New Deal, wherein the American people crave and beg for the government to legislate and regulate their morality. We want the president to tell us that they are going to fix the country. We want them to promise change and reform, repeal everything bad, and give us hope for the country’s future. We beg for the Supreme Court to step completely outside of their jurisdiction and defy precedent to legalize gay marriage and force states to comply. We beg the government to take charge of everything in our lives because we are too big of babies to deal with it ourselves. Or maybe we are just too afraid.

What can we possibly expect? Can we expect ‘Southern Evangelicals’ to sit back and watch as ‘those socialist liberals’ appoint Supreme Court justices and let in ‘dangerous’ refugees? Can we expect those who are sick of the ‘billionaires’ taking all of their money and ‘marginalizing’ minorities to let one become president and reverse all the social ‘progress’ of the past 25 years?

Of course not! Our parents asked for this. They begged for Reagan and Bush and Carter and Bush and Obama and Bernie and Trump to claim to have all the answers to our life’s problems.

We are just lucky our country is still alive. And we can’t sit back and blame the other side anymore. I find myself wanting to prove how ignorant we have all been to the country by watching it all unfold and saying, “I told you so”. But what does that accomplish? Who begins to question no longer supporting Trump when we call them idiots and bad Americans? There is really just one common goal here: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

So let’s fricking fix it.

Let’s broker both conventions. Let’s break the two-party system that has long fostered polarity instead of compromise. Let’s elect the best candidate using officials we already elected to vote for us. Let’s toss the Electoral College out the window and throw the authoritarian baby out with the bath water and be done with this polarization once and for all. And for the love of all that is good, do not blame one ideology just because you don’t empathize with it. Don’t blame Trump. Don’t blame those who vote for a candidate because they are so deathly afraid of the other party ruining the country.

Because I am that voter. You are that voter. And every sniveling, snobby Facebook politician who screams “bigot” at Trump is that same scared voter inside of each of us just begging for government power.

To whom will we give power? Or couldn’t we just take some of it away?