“Arrow” Season Five: Is Prometheus A Member Of Team Arrow

Sense the release of the teaser trailer, and announcement that Season Five’s Big Bad is a comic character known as Prometheus, people have been speculating as to who the masked, sword wielding, archer could be. Many have speculated that it could be a resurrected Tommy Merlyn, but I have another theory.

As we have recently learned, this season will take on a more back to basics feel, and events in season five will even be traced back to season one. In the comics there are three Prometheus characters the first being a man working for Dr. Alchemy who is hired to steal the metal Promethium from Kord Industries which is owned by Ted Kord (aka The Blue Beetle) and eventually ends up working at Kord Industries, the second Prometheus (co-created by Grant Morrison) is an unidentified man whose parents were killed by Police Officers leading him to swear vengeance against all forms of Justice, and the third Prometheus also called Imposter Prometheus is the side kick of the second Prometheus, and takes the name after that version becomes mentally disabled.

It has been stated that they will not be doing the version that was co-created by Grant Morrison, so one can assume that the third version is also out as he started as the side kick to version two and eventually adopted his persona. Which leads me to assume that they will be going with version one or creating their very own Prometheus character.

Given the possibility that it could be the original Prometheus character this could explain a possible link to “The Flash” in the form of this season’s villain Dr. Alchemy. As I previously stated, the original Prometheus started out working for Dr. Alchemy. This could mean that the Big Bad for each show could be part of the reason for the four way cross over between “Supergirl”, “The Flash”, “Arrow”, and “ Legend’s of Tomorrow” or a completely different cross over solely between “Arrow”, and “ The Flash”.

Now as to who I think the secret identity of this masked character could be. I believe that perhaps season five could unveil a huge plot twist in the form of a core Team Arrow member turned villain. This theory was conceived out of a statement made by Stephen Amell who said that the villain for this season could only be done in the fifth, sixth, or seventh season of a show. Which makes me think maybe it’s a villain that can only be done after they have been solidified as a friend/team member and then traumatized, brainwashed, or undercover until they know how everyone operates within the team. To me that sounds like a Dark Willow, Void Stiles, or Billith situation.

But who could fill this role? Which member of Team Arrow has the potential to turn completely against Oliver and become this season’s Big Bad? Well this may be a bit of a surprise, but my theory is, John Diggle.

It has been stated that Flashpoint will have the biggest affect on John, and if my theory about Flashpoint is correct and it is in fact all just a construct of Dr. Alchemy’s then perhaps the Big Bad of this season Prometheus is working for Dr. Alchemy like the original comic book version had been at first. It would make complete sense then -since Diggle will be most affected by the events of Flashpoint- that John somehow got under Dr. Alchemy’s employ. But even if he isn’t working for Dr. Alchemy there was plenty in season four to make him go dark, starting with Laurel’s death, killing his own brother, and then knowing that Oliver killed Damien Darhk even after his reformation into Green Arrow.

This could all push him to the edge and lead to him adopting a kill first ask questions later philosophy after Andy Diggle (John’s brother for those who don’t know) said that his wife Lyla and daughter Sara would never be safe from him leading to John shooting his own brother to keep his family safe. Maybe he starts to blame Oliver for what has been happening because he pulled him into it all, and now because of Oliver’s actions, even more people are starting to take the law into their own hands and causing more harm than good. Not to mention that John’s “Spartan” helmet looks similar to the helmet of the comic book version of Prometheus:

Then we have pictures of John in Oliver’s Arrow suit, and pictures of the new villain from the teaser trailer for season five:

Both characters seem to have a similar build and the hood of their costumes seem to have a similar fit around their heads.

But either way, I believe making John -who is such a fan favorite character- the villain for this season would be a great idea. It would draw in viewers to see if perhaps he will have a redemption arc, not mention the reactions of Oliver and the rest of the team. But even if I’m wrong, I still believe that Prometheus is a great villain for this season, and hopefully one that will reinvigorate the story of the show, as it has such amazing potential.

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