My Review of ABC’s Time After Time

When I started seeing the promo’s for this show, I was drawn right in. The concept of HG Wells chasing Jack the Ripper through time was astounding to me. So tonight after Once Upon a Time, I began to watch.

I was drawn in immediately. It was fast paced with twist after twist all in the pilot. The fact that there was so much at once in the first episode worried me for a moment. What else would they be able to include in this story if they already place an obvious attraction between the male and female leads, and spill so much information so quickly. But then I thought about it and realized, this story is about 1. HG Wells and 2. Time Travel. Wells’s writing alone allows for story’s inspired by each of his works, but throw in Jack the Ripper and Time Travel and you have pretty much endless storyline possibilities.

Many shows these days seem to flounder in the pilot (even the good ones) however this show did not lose my attention for one moment. It’s fast paced and delightfully unlike any other show on TV right now. As of right now I believe this show will go far, and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the season.

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