“Teen Wolf” Season 6B

For five and a half seasons fans have found a home in MTV’s “Teen Wolf” and now sadly in the second half of the sixth season it is coming to an end. The show however is not ending without a few call backs to its roots, the return of old faces, and the reveal of a new Big Bad known only as “The Faceless”. Show creator Jeff Davis has stated that 6B will have a very Lovecraftian feel, and we can expect it to be darker and gorier than we have seen in previous seasons. With the premiere of 6B coming up in less than a week, I took it upon myself to come up with some theories as to what may be in store for us this time around.

Who or What is The Faceless?

Let’s start with what I gathered from the trailers and go from there. The Faceless, “Teen Wolf” 6B’s Big Bad appears to have ties to Beacon Hills from long before Scott was even bitten. It’s body seems to be skinless, has no distinguishable mouth or nose and its eyes appear to have an eerie violet glow, a glow which appeared in the eyes of a few other’s during the small glimpses the trailers provided, and it appears to have the power to boost a person’s fear and somehow introduce a heightened paranoia or chaotic effect into pretty much the whole town. This heightened fear and paranoia appear to be what sparks the rise of new and old hunters of the supernatural and causes a target to be placed on the backs of Scott and his pack. Why this new creature would have any reason to go after the pack in the first place is unknown, but given the mention of the re-empowered Nemeton, I believe it could have been observing the packs actions from the very beginning and sees Scott and his friends as a threat. Now as to what I think this creature is, and why he is in Beacon Hills, I have a couple of theories.


Nyarlathotep is a creature from the works of HP Lovecraft. It is also known as the “Skinless One” the “Faceless God” or the “God of a Thousand Forms” (interesting considering our villain is called The Faceless and appears to have no skin), he is capable of taking many forms, His mere presence is said to cause fear and madness in mortals (like the rising fear that is inspiring humans to begin hunting the supernaturals on a much larger scale), is said to be able to communicate telepathically (possibly explaining the eyes of some people glowing the same strange violet color as The Faceless in the trailer), and is capable of assuming many forms and even possession of other forms (In one of the trailers a stack of bodies without eyes can be found, and perhaps The Faceless is capable of taking control of them).

Nyarlathotep himself is believed to have been inspired by Nikola Tesla and his rumored experiments with the supernatural, and given certain storylines already introduced we know that it is possible for humans to tap into supernatural energies (Dread Doctors) and that the incident with Kira in Eichen House caused a disruption which trapped the Ghost Riders in Beacon Hills, and perhaps Nikola Tesla himself could be The Faceless after a failed experiment within or while building Eichen House.

Why is The Faceless in Beacon Hills?

So why did the Faceless come to Beacon Hills in the first place? Well I believe he was drawn to the town in the same way other supernaturals are drawn to it, its vast amount of supernatural energy put off by the Nemeton, and I believe that Eichen House was built as a barrier to keep The Faceless in check. Eichen House’s supernatural ward is designed with Mountain Ash built into it and sits on a juncture of mystical energy; I believe these were built to contain The Faceless, as a prison or as a way to keep it from crossing over to our world. However after the incident with Kira’s lightning, and the Dread Doctors presence causing fluxes in the energy within Eichen House, then the arrival of the wild hunt, and the breaching of the barrier between worlds by Scott and his pack in order to rescue Stiles, I believe that all precautions put into place in order to keep The Faceless out of the human world have fallen and he is now capable of crossing into Beacon Hills. My theory as to why he is targeting Scott and his pack is simple, The Faceless has been watching them, and knows what they are capable of, knows that they are capable of trapping him back in his prison, and he is trying to eliminate them because of this.

Final Words:

Honestly I am just hoping for a happy ending for everyone, but I doubt it. Truthfully I feel like a lot of the main cast is going to die, and possibly end up coming back to life somehow. Also with the return of both Jackson and Ethan, I can’t help but wonder if the show might be pairing those two together which I’m kind of unsure about. I definitely want to see more of Stiles and Lydia’s relationship even if it’s just a small portion of this half, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the writers have planned for Scott and Malia’s relationship. Really I just want a good ending to this amazing show that actually makes sense. Even if my theories aren’t fact I am just looking forward to this last bit of story that we get to experience, and after the end, the possibility of a reunion show or reboot down the road.

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