I’d Get to the Top of the Mountain if It Would Just Stop Fucking Growing
Dia Frampton

Artists shape a culture. While we live in a world that tries to sell us “the American Dream”, this datum (that artists shape a culture) is a far more important one and, Dia, I bet you know that (although the masses try to make you believe otherwise maybe because this society is so money oriented). To enlighten people with music (or any other art form) is far more important than anybody will allow you to believe. Art let’s you express yourself in a way you want. That makes you a free being. And I know, it might give you a different feeling, but artists are the ones that make us experience our emotions. I have enjoyed some of your work (I don’t know all your work, really) and I hear what you are saying. I have been around in that industry and it is a cold, dishonest field that is exploiting artists (I will keep it nice). But let me say this: you have a gift. Your voice, your other skills. There are people on this planet that, with all the above you told us, would “commit murder” to have your gift. And still, you have the feeling sometimes you “failed.” But I think that’s only because others have hinted on “failing.” And others have set the definition of “success” in this world = a big bank account. But is it? To me you are a great being with a very nice voice and you have moved me and others like me with your voice. Isn’t that a form of success? Success is not by definition a big bank account. Gaining respect, in my opinion, is a great part of having success. As a last note, it might be that the ones that exploited you have come between you and your sister (if I understand your story correctly). I can only tell the both of you, see it for what it is: somebody drove you two apart for his or her benefit. Hope you do everything you can to repair your relationship with her and wishing you all the best in solving the problem of every artist in this world: how to keep the food on the table without violating your artistic integrity. Do well Dia Frampton.

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