Battle Islands Hack Cheats [100% Working] Unlimited Gold Generator Android iOS

Jacob Wade
Oct 11 · 2 min read

Win battles with clever strategies, commanding our troops on an island in the South Pacific. Be at the head of a formidable army on land, sea and air in Battle Islands. What better way to build and command an impressive army than having all resources at your disposal.

Access Online Generator

These things cost gold. With our Battle Islands hack, you can have greater access to limited or hard-to-get items in the game.

Advantages of using our free gold generator
We give you unlimited gold to use in Battle Islands. You can these golds to purchase great items to improve your game. You can buy more units, facilities and vehicles to build a great army. Equip your troops with more items. Be able to purchase all these with free gold through our website.

Features of our gold generator
It’s free. It’s easy to use. It’s available 24/7.
Our Battle Islands cheats will help you enjoy the game better by giving you lots of gold. We will not require you to download anything so no worries about getting malware into your device.

Our system is tested to make sure it will not get infected with malicious software. We run regular script updates to further ensure safety. This way, we make sure that our users will have safe usage of our generator.

Step-by-step guide to getting more gold
Getting free gold for a better gaming experience with these easy steps. Start by opening our website. You can run a browser directly from your mobile device. You may also use a desktop for this. Connect your device to a desktop then open our website. Open your Battle Islands game app in your device to connect your account to our resource generator.

Once connected, follow these simple steps to get your free gold:

Choose the platform running in your device. Click either iOS or Android from the dialog box on our page.
Type in the amount of gold you want to get. Enter this in the field “Gold”, which also has a gold bar nugget beside it.
Tap the button “Generate”.
You will have to wait for a few minutes as our free gold generator works with your game app account. Once that process is finished, you can check your Battle Islands game account.

Enjoy that free gold. Buy items to speed up your production. Check the in-app store for some great items like Camouflage to improve your game. After all, you’ve got lots of gold to spend now.

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