10 Interesting Facts About the New MacBook Pro You Might Not Know

There’s a lot to be said about the new MacBook Pro, but there is one thing for sure — it’s contraversial. A lot of people are hating on it big time. Well, I’ve been reading blogs left and right with people’s opinions on this beast and here and there I’ve gathered up a few interesting facts. Here are 10 interesting facts about the new MacBook Pro that you might not know. None of these facts were mentioned in the Apple Keynote and none of these facts are listed on Apple’s website. Ok, let us begin.

  1. No more startup chime.
    The new MacBook Pro automatically starts up when you lift the screen, so they got rid of the chime… that’s the logic I’m hearing. Personally, who really cares. My computer is left on 99% of the time anyways. My guess is that they are trying to bring the new lineup of Macs to feel more congruent with the iPhone and iPad, which also do not have startup chimes. And quite honestly, we all would think it would be weird if they did.
  2. The new MacBook Pro could have fit 32GB of RAM, but they limited it to 16GB.
    The reasoning is that 32GB sacrifices battery power. I guess they did the math and figured people cared more about longer battery life than they cared about power. As someone who needs all the processing power they can get, I think this is a lame move. Honestly, I’m perfectly fine having my laptop plugged in most of the time. I rarely rely on the battery. But perhaps they are trying to create a machine that truly runs just on battery like an iPhone or iPad. With the amount of processing power I need to video edit… yeah… good luck with that dream.
  3. You cannot plug an iPhone into a new MacBook Pro.
    That one is worth repeating. You CANNOT plug an iPhone into a MacBook Pro… without an adpater. I find that hilarious… odd… and hilarious. I understand that technically the iPhone 7 was released before they launched a product that has no USB cables, but still you have to admit, it’s kind of funny. I’m certain an adpater isn’t going to cost that much, but it is kind of funny… sort of.
  4. If you could spend around $250 for all your dongles. 
    I mean, you’d be a damn fool if you bought individual adapters for each of those ports. You’d never be able to plug in all your stuff in those four inputs anyhow — you’d be much better off purchasing a ThunderBolt Hub. I have one, with a USB hub attached. And it all connects to my computer via a single ThunderBolt. At the moment, that hub has 2 ThunderBolt external harddrives, an ethernet, HDMI, and the ability to plug in 10 USB devices and have them all read from the single input. That’s pretty solid if you ask me. Hubs are the future for anyone with a lot of ‘stuff’ that the want to plug into their computer.
  5. You can now spend $4,299 on a laptop. That has to be a record, right? That’s before taxes, before AppleCare, before dongles. Of course, this is their high end model which virtually nobody except professionals should even consider.
  6. The MacBook Pro doesn’t appear to come with an extension cord.
    Ok, this one pissed me off. I thought they were included with new computers. Maybe not? If you buy a new Apple computer, make sure you know whether or not you’re getting the necessary plug. I can’t plug that big fat adapter into my wall. I need you extension cord!
  7. Apple (as of this writing) has the fastest, biggest, and most expensive laptop hard drive available to consumers (that I could find — someone please show me another option). The new MacBook Pro can be upgraded up to a 2TB PCIe SSD drive for a paltery $1,200 extra bones. Again, unless you’re a video editor or someone who needs 2TB of storage inside their laptop, don’t spend your money. You can get a 2TB external drive for under $100 at Best Buy — I just made that up, but it’s about that much.
  8. No more glowy Apple Logo.
    Ok, this one isn’t so serious, but it’s fun… and sad at the same time. I suppose to be ‘modern’ is to be minimalist. They removed the glowy Apple Icon so that the computers now look more like the iPads and iPhones. Fine Apple, take it. I covered mine up with another sticker anyway.
  9. The new MacBook Pro does NOT have the newest Intel Processor.
    As of this writing, the newest Processor is called “Kaby Lake” and the new MacBook Pros have the former model called “Skylake”. To anyone but the nerdiest of nerds, this means nothing in terms of noticeable performance, but what I can tell you is that they’ll use that as a marketing ploy in several years when you walk into the Apple Store for an upgrade. You’ll be looking at the new 2020 MacBook Super Duper Pro and the Apple Genius you’re with will laugh at your old machine and say something like ‘yeah, the 2016 models didn’t even have the best processor for it’s time. It was just garbage.’ And you’ll feel bad and invest in the biggest baddest mother(board) you can handle.
  10. You CAN upgrade your hard drive! Remember how I said to upgrade to the 2TB PCIe SSD drive, you’re looking at forking over $1,200? Well, you might be willing to hold off on such an expensive hard drive because if the rumors are true… and I must say they are certainly nothing but rumors until actual computers are opened up and tested out… you will be able to pop out hard drives and swap in for newer ones. So for us video editors who think 16TB internal drives are nothing short of decent, I say ‘hoorray’ and for those of you who begrungindly need more and more space because you keep filming in 4K in your iPhone, you’ll be happy with that option too.

So those are my 10 facts. I hope you found them interesting… or even truthful. Do you have any more facts? I’d love to hear them. I’m in the market for a new laptop and despite it’s downfalls, the new MBP looks like a solid machine and anyone who purchases it will not feel like they were ripped off.

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