The World Mourns When Paris Is Attacked By Terrorist But It’s Just Another Day of ‘Gun Control’ In the USA

Facts are just surfacing and my comments here are just my initial reactions. According to the newest reports in CNN, the shootings in California have been directly linked to ISIS/ISIL. Yet, on the news in America, we’re hearing a very different set of commentary in the broadcast networks.

First of all — I understand the irony of sharing a mainstream media outlet to criticize the mainstream stories on TV, but let’s be real, they’re not exactly the same thing. The commentators on TV are talking heads in newscaster’s clothing, but it’s an effective tactic to turn your opinion into the national headlines. It’s disgusting and this needs to change… but I digress.

But that note aside — I just think it’s ridiculous overall how America is so wrapped up in these scripted debates about how to handle the issues of guns. How is it that everyone is up in arms talking about this issue right now? When the planes hit on 9/11, we weren’t talking about security measures with the TSA, we were mourning as a nation and coming together to fight back. That’s not happening now. We‘re not even acknowledging that we’ve been attacked.

This was a clear undisputed act of terrorism.

The fact that I need to bold that line and keep separate it from the rest of my thoughts should speak for itself. How sad that we can’t even recognize this basic fact. It doesn’t play into the mainstream headline stories. America’s story right now is this: Poor gun control laws are the reason why mass shootings are so easy to occur and America hasn’t been attacked by terrorist since 9/11.

I think the problem is that America is afraid of acknowledging that we’ve experienced a real act of terrorism. Everyone that was around on 9/11 ‘remembers the day’ — it’s painful and that day changed everything. And it seems easier to misdirect the real storyline than to go down the road that acknowledges America is has been attacked on our soil by terrorists.

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