“Why my best place to study is better than yours”

Reasons to go to the school library rather than studying in your dorm room.

The sound of pages being turned, people talking about a certain subject, maybe even the sound of people chewing gum. Every time you walk inside the library at Western Washington University, you hear different things based on what people are doing. Some people go to the library to socialize, but for me personally, I have and will use the library as a study place. With its harry potter-like room on the third floor, I may have found the best place to study at. Studying in your room is not the most efficient way due to the fact that there are multiple distractions. Students struggle to focus on their studying and some may even say that studying in the room is a waste of time. Many researchers advise to find a place quiet to study. How’d I find this place? I explored around campus searching for the spot and I found it.

The Main Entrance to the Wilson Library.


The Wilson library is in the perfect spot for the people that live on campus, especially the North Campus. For North Campus residents, it’ll only take about 2minutes and some off-campus students also stated that it’s “not too bad” for them either. There is a bus stop right in front of the Viking Union and the library is is right across from the Viking Union (VU). VU is one of building that people are familiar with and it is also next to the Viking Commons so students will usually go and eat before or after which is very convenient.


In the past, I loved studying in the room and I can guarantee that majority if not all of the students agree with me. We don’t have to worry about other people looking at us, what we’re wearing and we could blast music. However, for me, over the course of 2 years, I realized that I go to the library because there are people there. I tend to focus better when I’m around people. At first, I thought that I was just really abnormal in this aspect of studying but through my English podcast project, I found out that others actually go to the library for the same reason. Aside from this personal reason, there are still many reasons why the library is the best place to study. Library itself gets you focused because you are isolated from your social life. In a way, you are separating your academic life and your personal/social life. If you try to combine them together, it gets very hard to manage. If you’re in the library studying/ doing homework, you’re basically safe from the outside influence. People don’t just come up to you and tell you a story if you’re in the library. Also, there are resources in the library. There is a study group EVERYDAY in a particular section of the library. Within the study group, there are different subjects. People who have taken your class and beyond will be there to help you. All of them are all friendly which is a plus. Lastly, this is my personal favorite reason, the building itself is beautiful. I mean just take time to walk around the library especially the “harry potter room”. There are so many rooms and places in the library that it would take awhile to walk around.

The “Harry Potter” Room on the 3rd floor.


Some may say, “I hate going to the libraries because people always walk around that really bothers me”. People have said this to me in my conversations with other students and I guarantee you, this is the statement of a student that never goes to the library. People argue that there is just too many people in the library walking around talking, but if you really know the spots of the library, you can make a good efficient use out of them. Some spots are more relaxed and there may be little noise, but if you really want quietness and peacefulness, there are always places in the library that you can depend on to study.


I know that studying is probably the most important part of majority of students’ life and I really do believe that studying in the library will benefit everyone. I know that habits are difficult to change but I really hope this article will influence you to at least try going to the library to study. I guarantee you that you will love going to the library. You will want to just go to the library after your classes to do your homework (that is what I’m doing right now). All jokes aside, go try the library!

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