JOINTLY September Update

Oct 2, 2018 · 2 min read

Hello everyone,

September has been a month of hard work but everything is proceeding for the best!
we got to talk about the project to many people working in the blockchain world and we only had positive feedback! who gave us further suggestions to improve and who has made available to collaborate with us.

We decided to update the Whitepaper because, in our opinion, Jointly, thanks to the high scalability of the project, can be much more than a simple platform for investment in ICO, we want to become the reference point for alternative investments to conventional ones using the blockchain .

We will try to propose not only investments in ICO but investments in masternodes, investments in real estate, in all those sectors where shared investments bring great gains and benefits.

Of course everything will be done in small steps, first of all we are building the platform and we will start to offer ICO and maybe another type of investment.

We are looking for a way to implement on the platform a “instant exchange” FIAT / ETH so you can buy ETH in a fast and easy way to be ready to invest and not making unnecessary transactions between different wallets.

I suggest you stay tuned because soon there will be big news!

thank you

JPcompany Team

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