JPT token profitability

that’s why investing in Jointly is the best thing you can do


As you know we have announced that the company will share its profits with users every year.

but how much is this percentage?

The percentage of profit that will be allocated to holders of the JPT token is 15% and will be distributed based on the percentage of JPT tokens held.

but let’s go to make concrete calculations

To give an example, we take into consideration the previsions on the company profit present on the site.

The profit shared with the JPT token owners would be:

And doing a pre-ico investment of just € 400 would have 0.0033% of the total tokens that would allow to have an important R.O.I!

warning: these calculations are based on market forecasts, the final result may be different

We remind you that the Pre-ICO is open!
Do not miss this chance!

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