At the Nano Meet-up 2019 a number of pieces of hardware were presented including a Space Invaders arcade machine (a modern clone to be exact from 1up) which required a small amount of Nano to play and the top score won the jackpot. It was a horrible hack merging the built-in embedded linux board with a supervising raspberry pi zero controlling the arcade over a unstable serial connection – most of the day was spent trying to debug it enough for it to actually run.

Since that demo I’ve worked with NanoIsSuperior to rebuild the whole device, make it robust…

The NanoSMS project started in July 2018, it was based on a Twilio SMS interface where a user could use SMS to communicate with a server running a Nano node. Private keys were held on the server and were linked to the mobile/cell phone’s number. The user would ‘text’ commands to a defined number which would allow access to their individual wallet. The aim was to create a simple, reliable interface for people who only had access to 2G mobile phones particularly targeting the ‘unbanked’.

The response to the project from the Nano community was amazing¹ and very quickly we…


To build a simple, cheap, low powered device based on the ESP8266 WiFi chip which can connect to the Nano Callback System over websockets and monitor for any transactions to a particular Nano address. The device will parse any transactions to a particular address and depending on a criteria trigger an event (in this case turn on an LED). This project was created as a workshop at the Nano UK Meet-Up 2019.

Use Cases:

  • Transaction tracker (e.g. flash an LED when ever someone uses the Binance Hot Wallet)
  • Parking Meter — display a QR code for an address which the user scans…

Credit — NanoIsSuperior


Reports suggest that six in ten of UK 1p and 2p coins are only used once before being stored or discarded and one in twelve are thrown away¹. This has lead to regular reassessments of the role of small metal objects in modern non-digital currencies particular with a drive for an increasingly cashless society.

So instead of leaving your small change in a jar, why not convert it quickly and easily to a cutting edge global cryptocurrency and start using it for more than just a way of making your pockets jingle.

Nano provides the perfect digital currency for…

Thanks xeeros for the graphic!

tl;dr — NanoQuake is a modified version of the Yamagi Quake 2 client/server. Using sockets for inter-process communication, we were able to develop a python wrapper which integrates Nano transactions directly into the game. On a higher level, we created an automated e-sports tournament system where players can pay an entry fee and get rewards for frags; the winners of the round split the jackpot. Nano enables ultra-fast transactions and we can perform hundreds of microtransactions per game without any network fees.

The story behind NanoQuake

NanoQuake was a proof of concept example of integrating Nano into a First Person Shooter (FPS) game. We…

James Coxon

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