Gol-darnedit! When you look in the mirror & go, “Jaaaaccccqqqqq, Come on!”

I have just finished watching the first video in the Flo Living System series and by golly gosh (or more accurately — Fuck it!), I need to pull it together. Love what I just heard. Yeah, it made a few things clear. Like if you keep sticking those delicious Cadbury Creme Eggs in your mouth, your body is never going to sort it’s shit out. As delicious as they are (and they are my favourite), my body and mind are paying a hefty price for them. I just don’t think I am willing to pay that price anymore.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here I stand, at the equal heaviest of my lifetime, 5 months post pardem (some might say, “Jacq it’s okay to be heavy, you just had a baby for Christ’s sake, calm your farm.”) with hormones that are truly the worst they have ever been. I have been through a lot with those little bossy buggers. From Endometriosis, to a Pituitary Prolactinoma Tumor, to many years of Fertility treatment, 2 miscarriages due to Thyroiditis and finally a successful pregnancy and completely edible little boy, I have had more ups and downs than Britney Spears.

The one good thing I know more now than I did when I was a youngen’ first starting out on the “what the fuck is wrong with me” train. I was able to recognise that this was an issue with my hormones early on. There might be more players on the field right now, but at least I have an idea that I am playing. I discovered WomanCode through a friend and after reading (and nodding like I was some kind of bobble head) that book, it lead me to signing up for the 3 month Online Protocol. I have to say a massive “you’re the best babe” to my wonderful hubster and baby daddy for putting the $400 up without a question. It is fucking awesome to have someone who is just hanging in your corner like Kim Kardashian was when Kayne West announced he might run for President of USA.

So now I have started and I am as pumped as a pair of Air Jordans in the 90’s, for hacking this space I call my body. I am lucky that I have a good base of medical and nutritional knowledge, but even with that, it’s amazing how you can conveniently ignore your bodies own signals when it comes to those chocolatey, goey eggs of goodness. “Get the fuck out of my life Creme Eggs!” This is a self face slap to say, woman pull your shit together, it’s time to live your best life in your body. No “nutritional cleansing from the best health aligning company around”. Just good old fashion understand what is going on, heal your body with REAL food and learn how to prevent damage in the future.

It’s time to get in sync with being a woman and everything that entails. If you are interested in reading about my journey, feel free to join me as I fall milky boob first into this…..