Everdragons landing on TRON

Today is the day! Everdragons marketplace with special offers launches on TRON blockchain.

The eagerly awaited launch on TRON is starting today, check out the countdown on the website. Players will have the chance to snap up some bargains as the marketplace launches with special offers. The discounts will continue for one week with the discount getting less as the week goes on. Get in early and get the best deal!

Everdragons was the first blockchain gaming platform existing on two standalone blockchains and now becomes the first to bridge three blockchains. Existing players will be able to move their dragons to TRON using our pioneering bridging technology on Friday 28th December.

Games Games Games!

New games are launching on 2nd of January so get your dragons ready to start earning XP and gold coins. Many more games will launch in the coming weeks along with many new features to the platform. Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Everdragons invites all current players and new players to join the Telegram and Discord channels to speak with the team and community and learn more about the platform!