Everdragons on TRON - Q&A

Everdragons expanded to TRON on the 26th of December, creating the first crypto collectibles on the TRON network. Here’s a little Q&A the Everdragons team had with TRON Foundation.

What is Everdragons and what is the inspiration behind it?

Everdragons is a blockchain gaming platform with 100% unique collectible dragons that players can use to participate in games to earn experience and win gold coins. Everdragons is created by a tech startup with a focus on non-fungible token (NFT) technology, to demonstrate the pioneering blockchain tech, designed and developed by the team.

Like many other blockchain developers, we drew inspiration from the disruptive potential of the ERC721 standard as created and demonstrated by Axiom Zen with Cryptokitties. Being involved in blockchain since early 2017, we already had a great interest and belief in the technology and we were excited to explore the potential of non-fungible token and gaming. Gaming has historically played an integral role in advancing technology, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and we believe gaming will have a similar role in blockchain. With Everdragons we are doing the same: Focusing heavily on technology and breaking new ground with features such as:

· Guaranteed uniqueness of assets

· A scarcity control algorithm protecting market value

· Oracle services to power NFTs with off chain events

· Bridging chains to give players and game developers horizontal freedom

With this infrastructure and expertise, the team is committed to providing the products and services necessary to bring game titles on chain.

There are more and more gaming DApps coming out, but what do players care about most?

The factors players care about most are ownership, economy and usability. Players enjoy true ownership of assets and look forward to interoperability of these assets as they cross over with other games or future releases of a game title. Purchasing assets means players are essentially invested in economies. Players are willing to spend more but they expect the game economy to protect the value of these assets. They also expect the opportunity to invest time into leveling up their assets to make them more valuable. 
Ease of use is vitally important to players taking the first steps to get started with your DApp. If it is too difficult it can be a big deterrent. With a DApp it is possible to create a platform that requires none of the players information such as email, name or even a password etc. Players are ready to start instantly.

The DApp market - where it is and where it is going?

The DApp market is still very young and small. All the DApps we have today are first simple steps towards what it will be in a few years. We believe that DApps will soon be part of every person’s daily life, mostly without even becoming apparent to the user. One of the first industries to broadly integrate the power of DApps will be the gaming industry, as gaming has always been amongst the first to push the boundaries of new technology.

In today’s early stage of DApp development it is our mission to build the foundation that large companies will later build their legacies on. It is essential that we create and test new features, new infrastructure, economies and that we define new standards to make everything compatible and seamless. Everdragons for example has put its focus on NFT functionality, NFT economy and NFT infrastructure.

This task of pioneering new grounds requires highly dynamic companies, as the path may change every day. In addition to this we believe that good collaboration is the key to speed.

Why did Everdragons bridge to TRON?

The Everdragons Team has been monitoring the development of blockchains for quite some time and found that the DPoS consensus is a powerful, fast and secure scaling solution. TRON has added to this in a genius way by making transactions virtually free whilst protecting the token economy. This is of huge benefit for developers and players alike.

The compatibility of development tools and Smart Contracts with the Ethereum world makes the transition to TRON very smooth and easy. Furthermore TRON has successfully brought a lot of people to blockchain, creating a large user base. Combined with the very accessible development team, TRON is very interesting for all DApp developers.

What’s next for Everdragons?

There is lots more to come for Everdragons. Get started tutorials, cubs, next gen airdrops, achievements, payouts for active players, third party games, etc. All this creates a wealth of know-how and infrastructure that can be applied to bring the blockchain experience to larger game titles and industries beyond gaming.

Find out more about Everdragons on the website and join the community and talk to the team on Telegram and Discord.