Everdragons spanning Ethereum and POA

Aug 8, 2018 · 3 min read

The Everdragons concept came to being on the 13th January 2018. Back then it was very clear to us that Everdragons would live on the Ethereum Blockchain, the tried, tested and trusted blockchain. With consideration to the infamous network congestion caused by Cryptokitties, we were still confident that Ethereum, with their future plans for scalability, was the blockchain where smart contracts and dApps could be deployed and function harmoniously.

Then along came fcoin, a dApp causing the most recent Ethereum network congestion, grinding some dApps to an unexpected crawl, with most functioning at a significantly slower pace. At this time, along with the news from the Ethereum foundation that sharding could be as far off as 2020, it became apparent that we, and so many other Ethereum games, needed a solution.

We set to work researching other blockchains, trying to find the most elegant yet robust solution for our platform. Factors most important to us were as follows:

  • Ease of use for our players.
  • Fast, low cost transactions.
  • Ability for our team to easily migrate our code from Ethereum to new blockchain.
  • A blockchain with an excellent and communicative team.

The blockchain we feel is the best fit for our platform that ticks all the boxes above as well as being mature, proven and future safe is POA Network.

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Quick Summary:

POA is a stand-alone blockchain as well as an Ethereum sidechain, essentially very similar to Ethereum with native solidity support, meaning we can use the same smart contracts that we have already programmed. It uses Proof of Authority consensus instead of proof of work mining, making it a lot more efficient for gamers at a fraction of the cost. POA also has a super fast block time of 5 seconds — 3 times faster than Ethereum!
POA’s bridging technology is advanced and proven, especially for ERC 721 tokens.

Working with the POA Network tools we are building a functionality where players can bridge (switch) their Everdragons easily from one blockchain to another and back again. We are also building a simple two click method so players can exchange their ETH sums to POA without having to change address or leave their MetaMask, Nifty or Trust wallets.

The Everdragons marketplace will span both Ethereum and POA Networks, where players have the advantage of both chains and can choose to buy and sell in POA or ETH. There will be games exclusive to POA network as our main reason for expanding to another network is to take advantage of the low transaction fees for the games.

Our first game called “The Race” is on schedule for release on the Ethereum network, with POA Network deployment to follow. We are in the final stages of development for The Race. Look for announcements this week!
We at Everdragons are excited to be partnering with POA Network and to be pioneering the expansion where Everdragons freely roam from one blockchain to another.

Check out POA Network and follow us our social media channels for regular updates:

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