How to TRON - with Everdragons

Part 1: Bandwidth and Energy

Everdragons will soon expand to TRON blockchain becoming the first game to bridge three standalone blockchains. With TRON, players can enjoy fast transactions and have the option of free transactions. Music to our ears!
Here are some of the key points about TRON to start using it.

DApp Browsers

One of the first things you need to get started with a DApp on TRON is a DApp browser. With this you can interact with smart contracts and store your TRX and other assets. We suggest the following DApp browsers:

Tronpay is a chrome plugin and looks and functions similarly to MetaMask which a lot of current Everdragons players will be familiar with. Players can secure bandwidth and Energy directly on the wallet.

Mathwallet is a DApp browser for mobile devices which currently supports 8 blockchains including TRON. Similarly to Tronpay, players can secure bandwidth and Energy directly on the wallet.

There are several other wallets and DApp browsers available and we recommend players use their preferred DApp browser.

Bandwidth and Energy

When using DApps such as games, players interact with smart contracts and so will need to have bandwidth and energy in their TRON accounts to enjoy free transactions.

Any transaction made on the TRON blockchain uses bandwidth, from a simple monetary transaction to interacting with a smart contract.
Every account has a standard daily allowance of 5000 Bandwidth points. This bandwidth reduces with every transaction until it runs out and users then begin paying for transactions thereafter, until the bandwidth tops up again with the daily allowance. Players can add to this bandwidth allowance to enjoy even more free transactions.

Energy is not needed for regular monetary transactions on TRON. However, as stated above, players will need Energy to benefit from free transactions when interacting with smart contracts. There is no free daily allowance of energy and so users will have to acquire their own energy to enjoy free transactions when using DApps.

Get Bandwidth and Energy
In order to acquire bandwidth and energy, players will have to do what is known as freezing TRX. When TRX is froze the bandwidth/energy allowance will increase. However players should note than when they freeze TRX they cannot spend it until they unfreeze it again and TRX cannot be unfroze until 3 days after it was initially frozen. When the TRX is unfroze the bandwidth and energy allowance gained from freezing is removed.

There are a few ways to freeze TRX and conveniently with Tronpay and MathWallet it can be done directly in the wallets.
Heres how:

On Tronpay players can open their wallet and click on Resource as displayed on the main screen.

When clicking on Resource another screen will appear indicating the Bandwidth and CPU (Energy) the account has.
It is important to note that the standard daily allowance of 5000 Bandwidth points does not display on Tronpay although it still applies.

Players can then click Freeze as displayed below. Enter how much TRX to be froze and select from the dropdown menu whether the frozen TRX is for Bandwidth or Energy and confirm. The bandwidth/Energy will then display. This TRX is then froze for a minimum of 3 days.

On Mathwallet players can view their TRON account and click on the BP/Energy bar as shown below.

On the next screen the current bandwidth and energy allowance will be displayed. Like Tronpay the standard daily allowance of bandwidth is not displayed.
Players can enter the TRX to be froze, select whether it is to be exchanged for bandwidth (BP) or energy and click freeze. The bandwidth and energy amounts will then be updated. Once froze the TRX will be frozen and not accessible for a minimum of 3 days.

We advise players to play around with small amounts when it comes to Bandwidth and Energy and keep an eye on the levels in their account. Players can also keep a check on these levels easily on Tronscan where the bandwidth daily allowance is also displayed. It is important to note that if you run out of Bandwidth or Energy you will incur a transaction fee when making a transaction. Although, transaction fees on Tron are minimal.

Please remember when using wallets and DApp browsers to keep your seed phrase and/or private key safe. If you lose these you will not be able to gain access to your account ever again. Do not give/send either of these to anyone.

Everdragons invites all current players and new players to the Telegram and Discord channels. Here the community and team are available to help new players learn more about the platform and all the exciting features to come.
If anyone has any further questions about anything described in this article, the team is always happy to assist



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