Let’s Play Territory

Territory is one of the two new games that landed on TRON on Jan 4th. Below is a break down of how to play!


Challenge anyone for gold coins
Territory is a 2 player, 4 in a row style game. The aim of the game is to get the most domain badges in a row (vertically/horizontally/diagonally). The player with most points wins.

  • Territory is a two player turn-based game played on a 6x6 square map. It is played by dragons of different domains.
  • Territory must be hosted by one player and accepted by another


To host a challenge go to TERRITORY and click the HOST CHALLENGE button.

  1. Choose a dragon to host the challenge. When selected your dragon will appear here.
  2. Enter how much fullness will be deducted from the two dragons participating in the game. Fullness must be a minimum of 10 and in multiples of 10. Anything over 10 fullness will deduct 1 prestige from the hosting Dragon.
  3. When you are happy with your selection, click the HOST button and complete the transaction in your DApp browser.


To accept a challenge and participate in a game another player has hosted, go to TERRITORY and select ACCEPT CHALLENGE.

All hosted games will be listed, with an image of the hosting dragon, the game number and how many gold coins can be won in the game. Select the one you would like to play.

  1. Select the dragon you want to accept the challenge and play the game. Please note: The accepting dragon must be of a different domain (fire, water, earth and air) than the hosting dragon.
  2. The fullness entry is shown, indicating how much fullness will be deducted from each dragon playing. The prize pot is also shown, displaying how many gold coins will be awarded to the winner.
  3. You can press the BACK button at any time to return to the TERRITORY page.
  4. Click JOIN and confirm the transaction in your DApp browser to start the game.


  • The hosting dragons has a 2/3 chance of having the first turn.
  • The game is turn based, each dragon gets two moves per turn. i.e. Each player can place two domain badges on the board per turn.
  • When a player places their two moves they must confirm the transaction in the DApp browser. The other player can then make their moves.
  • A notification sound will prompt the other player when it is their turn.
  • The dragon who’s move it is, is indicated on the right by the domain symbol displayed under the text MOVE.
  • The aim is to get the most domain badges in a row to receive the most points.
  • Points are awarded as follows:
    4 in a row: 1 point
    5 in a row: + 1 point
    6 in a row: + 1 point
  • The game completes when all squares on the board are full.
  • Players points are displayed in the grey box beside their dragon throughout the game.
  • At any time a player can surrender the game to the other player by clicking the SURRENDER button. This awards the other player the gold coins and an XP point. The surrendering dragon does not receive gold coins or XP.
  • If two players have entered a game but a move has not been made, any of the players can click QUIT. This cancels the game and returns fullness to both dragons. No XP is awarded to either dragon in this instance.
  • A timer is displayed on the right that counts down for 3 minutes. 
    This allows each player a maximum of 3 minutes to make their move before giving the other player the chance to claim the win.
  • If a player does not make their moves within the 3 minutes the opposing player can: 
    1. Wait: Giving the opponent more time to take their move and continue the game
    2. Claim win: If a player has waited long enough for the other player to make their moves and cannot wait any longer or would like to release their dragon to play another game, they can claim the win due to the other players inactivity. Claiming the win awards that player XP and gold coins, the inactive dragon does not receive gold coins or XP.

Please note: Just because the CLAIM WIN button appears does not mean a player HAS to claim the win. Players have the choice to give their opponents more time to continue the game.

  • If the game is completed the winning player receives the prize pot of gold coins.
  • If the game is a draw, both players split the prize pot of gold coins.
  • Experience(XP) points are awarded as follows:

Both players get XP when the game is played until the end

If a player surrenders, the other (winning) player get XP only

If player claims a win due to their opponents inactivity, only the winning player gains XP

Please note: Everdragons is a fully decentralized DApp with all games on the blockchain. This means every action is a transaction. The players interact directly with the blockchain via their DApp browser. Transaction fees and delays are all subject to the blockchain you are using. Please remember to monitor transaction fees.

And that is how you play TERRITORY! 
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