It seems like a waste of time…

Some Sketchbook Time during Violin

Yesterday I had an argument with a coworker when she asked me if I had finished something we were working on. I said that I hadn’t yet. In fact the project had taken longer than expected and was frustrating.

She looked at me and said “well you had time to work in your sketchbook!” Clearly she saw this as a frivolous activity that took time away from more important things.

My response should have been “I didn’t have time not to!” What do I get out of a right brain escape? I get to reduce frustration and annoyance. I get fresh ideas. I get a short rest so I get my energy back. I improve my health and my ability to approach work, parenting and life with grace and energy.

This coworker is fictional. She has the voice of old advisors, bosses and coworkers and my inner critic who would rather I continue to stay overwhelmed so I don’t go out and do something crazy. Like be successful at personal branding and life coaching.

It is hard to remind myself to take the space in which my creativity can develop. Recently I listened to one of my favorite podcasts “StoryBrand” where they interviewed Juliet Funt. She talks about creating white space throughout your day, and as I listened I really understood how important it is to be able to think so that your brain has time to replenish (seriously, I would be interested in the neuroscience behind this). If you are interested in listening to the episode it is here.

The takehome message for me is that I need to remember to not always be doing. And sometimes, like today, tidying up and waiting for my kids in the car without doing anything during that time are the most important things to spend time on. Because now I am here writing and creating my next big idea…

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