There’s no shortage of startups. To convince investors, you need more than exchangeable technologies and precisely calculated business models. All entrepreneurs are pitching a future that they believe in.

We all know what purpose is. That thing that gets you up in the morning instead of keeping you from falling asleep at night. But how to craft and tell it so your partners, your investors and your customers, will be on board with you to achieve that larger-than-you idea?

Why is purpose narrative so important? Because we know when it comes to doing good to the world, there are, and there should be, more than one approach.

There are a number of popular models for responsible business. They all come down to one common factor — to make…

In order for founders to regain the confidence from investors. We proposed a more practical and responsible approach when finding the voice, the customers, the partners and the investors that make the company’s purpose a reality.

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After developing a credible product or service, we create a compelling narrative in complex markets to attract impact investors, customers and talents. Building these narratives goes well beyond “pitching”: It is a deliberate process of describing how an idea works, how it creates value, and how it catalyzes change — with storytelling at its heart.

Going Beyond Pitching

While storytelling is rightly emphasized as…

Most of us are familiar with the drama of WeWork’s Adam Neumann. I would highly recommend all aspiring entrepreneurs to listen to Wondery’s WeCrashed to understand the rise and fall of WeWork.

Arguably high-profile founders like Adam Neuman and Therano’s Elizabeth Holmes gave a bad name to purpose-driven startups. They were too effective in communicating their purpose, they’re too convincing and too passionate in “selling” their vision of the future that led to their growth-lusting investors’ oversight of the financial fundamentals of their user growth and business model.

Scott Galloway, the best-selling author and professor of marketing at New York…

Public companies are companies that sell shares to the public in order to raise money and finance growth. Executives who run these companies often focus on enhancing shareholder value, which describes the returns that shareholders derive from their investments. The maximisation of shareholder value is achieved through dividend increases and an increase in the share price over time.

Companies that focus on maximizing shareholder value are often criticized for several negative consequences that they can potentially have. Some of these may occur due to the fact that they can lead to bad and unsustainable business practices.

During the global recession…

Author: Karen Zhu

Token economy has developed for nearly 10 years since Bitcoin caught people’s attention in 2009. ICO, the IPO in token era, enables utility tokens to enjoy an explosive prosperity in 2017. It boosts the token industry without doubt. But on the other hand, a lot of investors have suffered severely due to the issuer’s illegal behaviours under the current blank enforcement of legislation.


Bubble in token economy is collapsing and governments start to regulate this industry. Both issuers and investors become skeptical with the original fundraising pattern of tokenization. Participants in this market have got a common view: it is time to develop a new type of regulated asset-backed security token.

Let’s take a look at the traditional equity market. The estimated market value is enormous with more than 70 trillion USD while IPO is an unsatisfying financing channel because of high benchmark and long-circulated period. Retail investors are barely possible to participate in debt and real estate investment fields…

Before digging into the topic of securitized tokens or the recent hype on ICO (Initial Coin Offering), it is beneficial to look at the case of crowdfunding and the relevant legal framework. Crowdfunding came into existence in the early 2000s, upon rising penetration of the Internet and the robust development of the financial technology which facilitates the automatic assessment of credit risks and selection of investment portfolios.

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Co-author: Brian Wong

A lot of startup founders in Hong Kong would not have realised that the definition of crowdfunding can be further broken down into 4 types. …

For every startup, fundraising is number one priority. No juice, no game. In startup communities, you may come across thousands of stories detailing the ups and downs of startup founders going through search for VCs, interviews, bargaining with investors. The funding road is never an easy way.

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Co-author: Brian Wong

If you think a capitalist city like Hong Kong is friendlier to founders, then you are totally wrong. Investors in Hong Kong tend to think from a slightly different angle than traditional VCs from China or the States. Sophisticated VCs look for a combination of factors when they evaluate the…

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I have asked to share my views on escaping the corporate world and pursue the work you love.

First, I have to make it clear that venturing outside the corporate world isn’t for everyone.

I am not saying that only certain people are meant for an entrepreneurial path. It is certainly not a nurture vs nature thing. No. Everybody can do it. I am saying that not everyone is comfortable doing it. And certainly not everyone is willing to make the trade-off necessary to escape the corporate world.

I made my decision in 2008 that corporate life wasn’t for me…

The Stream Founder

One single person with the purple bucket inspired 15 others to dig the stream he started. Lover’s Point Beach, Monterey, California (Photo source:

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In a recent article by Business Insider, it told a story that a large, successful enterprise startup tried to poach a “programmer” currently working at Google. The startup made the programmer what it thought was a big offer: a $500,000 salary but the programmer told the startup thanks, but Google was currently paying him $3 million per year in cash and restricted stock units.

Someone read this article and posted a question in Quora (Original article…

Recently I’ve spoken to an audience of hardware manufacturers. Having bestowed the topic of “the new trend of digital media marketing”, I’ve decided to introduce the growth hacking mindset into this presentation.

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A lot of you would have read the classic reading, “Growth Hacker is the new VP Marketing” by Andrew Chen. If you’re part of a startup team, regardless what role you’re in, product, design, or business, you need to read it. But this chapter isn’t about discussing the holy grail of API, my presentation is about convincing people to embrace the spirit of growth hacking. If you’re a small tech team, good, you can already plan a 3-month roll out. But if you’re part of a digital marketing or an innovation team in a bigger company, be prepared to do…

Jacqueline Chong

Third Wave Evangelist | Chief Strategy Officer@GreenTomato |Co-Founder @TalkBoxApp | Growth Hacker | Technical Marketer | Security Tokenization | STEAM

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