We’re Shittiest To The Ones We Love
Kris Gage

Welllll… I have received this article and now joined this site because my husband sent me this article. I believe that we both share your opinions, observations, understandings. We are a very strange couple. I’m quite jaded for a myriad of reasons and he is overly loving and kind. Now, he hasn’t ALWAYS been this way whatsoever, as a matter of fact, I’ve always believed and maintain that he was one of the most shallow human beings I’d ever known in the beginning, but now going on 19 years together, 19 years of complete hell, he’s changed emmensely. You, Kris and I are much the same in our opinions, we’re both ahead of our respective times.

I’m much older than you are and I’ve felt this way all of my life. Let people be who they are, it’s where one tends to find the beauty in others, especially when they are allowed their own space and relaxation their own fashion, experiences, none of that matters when they smile and you know they love you and, well; it makes you love them more than you ever believed possible. We have not always been able to be this way with one another, but we’ve grown most in the last three years of our relationship (marriage).

We’ve dealt with some of the most horrible things life can offer. Not always together either, but, I had to let go (we both have)and we’ve both had to deal with some real madness. It’s too bad that it’s taken so long because at this point in my life, I am fully aware that we will never have the time to live out all of the things we would like to at this late date.

The bottom line is (what you’re saying) while you’re young, take the time to observe the ones you love, observe yourself (most importantly) it’s never too late to let go, allow the one you love (or anyone for that point) to be who they are. Whether you know it (or are willing to admit it) or not; this is the person you fell in love with or love them for whatever reason. The gifts are abundant if we can pull our heads out of our respective asses and allow, not tolerate, but allow.

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