Working from the beach today, reflecting on the experience

After completing Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10, I am asked today (on day 10) to consider the impacts of this challenge.

My favourite of the challenges was on Day 3, when I was asked to describe my perfect day as I painted a vivid vision of how I imagine this perfect day to look.

I have done this exercise in the past, but never have I stepped back following the exercise to realise how close to this vision my current life is going. There is some work to do, and goals yet to achieve, but it was a great reminder to see what’s going well and where the work needs to go. I believe there is tremendous value in keeping a clear vision.

This entire challenge, along with this particular challenge day have centred my focus again, while playing a huge role in reminding me of what’s important to me. It’s sometimes easy to get lost in the whirlwind of daily busy activities, while forgetting about true values and driving passions.

My new personal challenge that I take away from this experience is to complete the challenge of day 3, each year. I will revisit my goals each year while I paint a new picture of my perfect day. I want to keep myself aligned, and on the path that will make me most content, living a values-driven life and composing my work and personal activities with intention, to align with those goals. And of course, I will also look forward to the blog challenge from Natalie each year too!

Thank you Natalie and your team for this experience ☻