Searching for Superpowers

One of the most valuable things you can do as a leader or manager is help your team uncover their talents.

How will this have an impact?

It will increase the level of engagement within your team. When people feel their voice is heard and they feel cared for, you will build trust and ultimately a healthier organization.

Your team will be more engaged and feel more creative with their work. It enables the potential for extraordinary accomplishments.

Your organization will strengthen by aligning objectives around the strengths of your team. A synergistic team that knows each other’s strengths will be an asset.

Natalie Sisson of the Suitcase Entrepreneur encourages entrepreneurs to discover their own personal superpowers by finding their ‘sweet spot’, the balance of what they are good or great at, with what they love to do.

To do this, Natalie suggests you write down a list of things you believe you are good at, then a list of things you like or enjoy doing. Thirdly, she suggests you ask others (such as colleagues, family etc.) what they think your special talents are.

In completing this exercise myself, I have identified that two of my superpower talents are creatively and mentoring/coaching. These were consistent themes at the top of all three lists and is especially confirmed considering everyone surveyed mentioned these two qualities.

How can this help you as a manager?

Firstly, do Natalie’s exercise for yourself. What are your own superpowers? Then, get your team to do it. Do it with them. Listen, then learn to value your superpowers, and then those of your team.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Blog Challenge Day 4

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