Cultural- is any customs behavior in society. What does that mean? Well, it says it is based on ethnicity, gender, values or even objects. There’s are many things that can make things cultural, and we all have one. Cultural is the same as culture. Cultures are some one’s customary beliefs’ that are like culture — for example, material traits of a racial, religion and social group.

There are many ways that we all do a culture or that we are in a culture or part of it. For example, there was a festival that celebrated the culture of the Pacific Islands. This event was held because they wanted to celebrate the celebration of the people of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. They were dancing, singing, They had music, food, history, even language, the attire, and the crowing of the Miss PIFA (Pacific Islander Festival Association). This was a celebration from the traditional cultures from the ancient history. The people got to do values from each location. They had many things planned for the weekend such as a procession, introduction of the colors the national anthem, church services, and including performances.

There are other cultures out. There’s that are celebrated. You have probably heard about a tradition that Americans celebrates every year to give thanks. Thanksgiving is a day were family or friends get together makes dinner or any food you can make to give thanks. The tradition for Thanksgiving is to cook up a turkey and have siders or something replication what the pilgrims and the Native Americans did to give thanks. Another tradition America celebrates and almost all the world celebrates is Christmas. Christmas has celebrated almost the same ways as Thanksgiving but differently. You decorate your house with lights, ornaments, and let’s not forget the Christmas tree. Christmas we give gifts to other people.

Other countries don’t do the same like in America. For example in korea when they celebrate Christmas but they don’t really give out gifts. Christmas for them is actually like a couples date. Couples will go out be with their boyfriend or girlfriends. But they do get into the festive season.

Another example of other places celebrating Christmas is Egypt, but Egypt doesn’t celebrate Christmas on the 25 of December but on the 7th of January. Basically, Egypt does 43 days of fasting where all the Christians have a vegan diet from November 25 until the 6th of January. On the 6th of January family and friends get together and then they go to mass. After that they go home and have a big feast eating all the meats they couldn’t eat during the fasting.

Once I was looking through more places and their culture Greece aught my eye on how they celebrate Easter. IN America we usually celebrate that it’s the last day of the 40 day of not eating meat and put out Easter eggs putting little surprises in them . In Greece they celebrate exactly when the clock strikes 12:00 am. The housewives start to cook a stripe herb soup. Before Easter they gather in church for the holy night. Once it is over fireworks start and they ring bells. People then start to say “Christós Anésti” ( Christ has risen ) to one another and the other should response “Alithós Anésti” ( He has truly risen ) . They crack red eggs and feast on the traditional maghiritsa.

Another thing the Greece does is when they have a wedding they spit on a bridge. You will think it is weird because in America we don’t usually spit on a bridge. We have a ceremony and we throw rice , blow bubbles, or flowers depending on what we want . then after that we go and have the little ceremony by serving food and then dancing and cutting a cake. In the show “ My Big Fat Greek Wedding” they spit on a the bridge because it is to warn off the devil and the Greeks do this also for good luck. Now they will say ftou ftou ftou. They say in special occasions for baptism to acknowledge the beauty and health of the baby.

Some Cultures are easy to understand, but others are not because they are different and think they are weird. Their many cultures that are misunderstood, for example, Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Dia de Los Muertos is a holiday celebrated in Mexico. This tradition has been celebrated for thousands of years taking it back to the tribes that use to be there — this celebration last 3 days from October 31st to November 2nd. Día de Los Muertos is to celebrate the dead. People go to the graveyards fix up their loved one who passed away grave leave some food and water or anything they might have liked when they were alive. The belief of the people is that spirit of the deceased can join the living as well. Many people believe they are mourning the death of their loved one, but they are genuinely celebrating life. It is a joyful day and not for crying.

There are many other cultures out there that many people celebrate at their times. There should be more traditions to be celebrated out in the open and not be ashamed. There is always something new to learn about them and what makes it unique. Therefore we should not misunderstand others we came from different places and different beliefs.