Jacqueline Dooley
Jun 20 · 1 min read

a stationary ship is the embodiment of tragedy
built for long journeys —
christened with aspirational names
Wind Dancer, Ocean Mist, Carpe Diem
beached, grounded, tethered to the dock
seizing nothing

as much a fixture as the roads
that wind through every landlocked place
but never move
wouldn’t it be something
to see the road drive away?

how many of us
are built to wander a much bigger world?

I’m nothing like that boat
bobbing and bobbing in one place
with only the changing sky above me
and the changing earth below
tethered to my life

some people are made to stay in one place

I’m a tree that dies where it stands
taking roots and growing old
as my canopy spreads
holding the landscape within my branches
that’s what it means to be a tree

Jacqueline Dooley

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Occasional poet, Essayist, Blogger. Author of Doorways to Arkomo, Doorways Home, & Spiritwood. Content Specialist & Google Ads geek by day. #binders