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Your article is a dishonest and disingenuous. According to the Wall Street Journal, which is hardly what anyone could reasonably consider a “Social Justice Warrior” rag: From 1979 through 2006, federal plaintiffs won 15% of job-discrimination cases. The odds against an employee or hiring candidate winning job discrimination cases have many lawyers reluctant even to try.

An employer has to be a real serious shitbag who practically raped an employee in broad daylight in front of a hundred witnesses to even be at risk of getting sued for discrimination or sexual harassment. Employment discrimination and wrongful termination cases are difficult to win because of “At-Will” employment laws in most states, and the employee must prove that the employer acted with a specific illegal motivation (the employer had motive, i.e. intended to fire/under-pay/refuse to hire someone based race, sex, national origin, etc.). Intent is damn near impossible to prove.

Then there’s the pesky matter of getting blackballed from your profession if you actually DO bring a discrimination claim against an employer. Members of “protected classes” who can afford to take that risk almost always come from the middle/upper-middle class in the first place because poor people struggling to lift themselves up out of poverty and break into a career (and build a good life) are least able to afford to take that risk.

Here’s a novel idea: You could just do all the software development work yourself and struggle to bootstrap your gig all on your own — without any investor capital, without any government grants (i.e. public money) for research & development, and without the wealth-building vehicle of others’ unpaid time and work.

That’s what poor marginalized people — 40+ yr old job-seekers, disabled people, women, racial minorities, poor whites from generational poverty, etc. (the last group which suffers just as much discrimination as the others , if not more, but is NOT a “protected class”) — who are always economically left out have to do if we want to be entrepreneurs and make our own jobs in the absence of getting any job opportunities from employers.

Nobody ever comes to me willing to work for free, or for equity-only, or under the conditions of being willing to forego unemployment benefits to help me get my startup off the ground — all for the sake of getting a chance to gain professional experience in the tech industry — once the job ends for whatever reason.

And being a poor marginalized older woman (I am 50) from generational poverty who was shut out of job opportunities for much of my life, it’s not like I’ve had middle/upper class social capital and any stable earning opportunities so I could build any wealth to seed my own startup in the absence of access to investor capital and others’ free labor — I’m struggling to survive on food stamps and Medicaid and have no income other than my disabled, older husband’s $900/mo social security.

I must struggle around hunger and utility shut-offs to make any headway in getting my own gig off the ground. And getting hired at paying gigs in order to have an income to survive — never mind have any money to seed my own startup myself— has been Mission Impossible for me as a poor 50+ yr old disabled woman who didn’t have any opportunities when I was young. As a poor marginalized member of at least two of those “protected classes”, I’m literally having to spin straw into gold — without even being allowed any access to any straw!

So cry me a fucking river.

Just forego hiring anyone and do all the work yourself if you won’t refrain from hiring discrimination and if you won’t treat every employee fairly by offering everyone unemployment benefits, and if you “can’t afford” to pay a living wage since landlords, utility companies, health insurance providers, and supermarkets don’t accept karma points and maybe-eventual stocks as payment in lieu of money.

So, do the same thing that you tell poor marginalized people like me: Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and do it totally on your own with no freebies or handouts of any kind, because nobody owes you anything. Problem solved. Unless of course being a greedy entitled ageist, sexist, racist, ableist, classist shithead is more important to you than actually doing the right thing by treating everyone fairly in the first place.

Oh, and did you know that half of this country’s people are struggling at or below poverty? And that the majority of people in this country are not middle class/rich young able-bodied males? It’s true. So lots of luck making it big when all of those whom you won’t hire and pay fairly can’t buy from you because of not being able to afford your stuff, or your business customers’ stuff, after getting sent away jobless and poor — because of job discrimination.