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So, let me get this straight Mr. King. Women are selfish and “don’t care about ‘our’ society” if we’re not willing to be reduced to sub-human reproductive livestock subordinated to male control and ownership, doomed to endure endless cycles of pregnancy and childbirth until we die from it regardless of how we feel about it, and regardless of any harm to us, physically, economically, and psychologically?

This was never “our” society — it was rich white alpha MALES’ society in which women (especially poor women) have always had to beg and fight and scratch and claw for a few miserly, begrudgingly-given token crumbs while getting constantly told to shut up, that we’re lucky to get anything at all because we’re “not important.”

And now the onus for the survival of your society (in which you and other rich white male tyrants derived far, far more benefits, opportunities, freedoms, privileges, money, and power than women and anyone else) is somehow all on women — whom you and your ilk still deprive of basic human rights, usually based on some argument about how white MEN are the only ones who did all the “important stuff” (because women’s work of caretaking, raising children, etc. doesn’t count as “real work” of any value worthy of economic compensation).

NEWSFLASH: Women who do become mothers need more than lip service and a cheap box of chocolates and a Mother’s Day card once a year.

In all my 50 years of living, all I’ve heard is how the Almighty White Male built/did everything (while no one else did anything) and therefore white middle class/rich MEN are the only real people who matter and who are entitled to a share of the benefits of this society.

But women are the “bad guys” if, after suffering at least 2,000 years of oppression, discrimination, exploitation, enslavement, and paternalistic abuse under patriarchy (“for our own good”, mind you), we’re not prioritizing your alpha white male concerns over…the possibility of not being at the top of the privilege pile by 2050?

Funny that women are never important enough to matter in this society when it comes to wanting the same opportunities, benefits, freedoms, privileges and rights that you got automatically handed to you just for showing up in this world white, middle class and male.

But we’re selfish and “don’t care about civilization” if we’re not willing to risk or sacrifice our bodies, our wellbeing, our health, our lives, and what few job opportunities we may get (around being discriminated against) so we can economically survive — all in order to take on the thankless unpaid work, and the grueling (and even traumatic) experience of enduring endless cycles of pregnancy and childbirth from menarche to menopause for…what, exactly?

For a fascist rich white male dominated society that treats poor women and girls like shit and denies us our basic human rights? For a society steeped in rape culture? A society that refuses to provide unconditional economic support by the way of a livable income and healthcare as a human right to women who get fired (or not hired in the first place) precisely due to pregnancy/possibility of pregnancy and childbirth and straight-up white male greed and selfishness?

A society that never even felt that death from complications in pregnancy and childbirth were important enough to list officially in its maternal mortality rates?

A society that has kept women down as a sexual, social, legal, and economic underclass since its inception?

A society where being born female and poor means a lifetime of opportunities denied and having whatever hopes and dreams we might have getting crushed underfoot and ground into the dust under privileged rich white men’s expensive shoes?

A society that treats women as nothing but disposable, interchangeable fetus containers and sperm receptacles with no basic human rights that privileged white guys feel obligated to even acknowledge, never mind respect and uphold?

A society that condemns 1 in 3 American women to lifelong abject poverty and suffering due to systemic economic/job discrimination — because women have babies (after which many women are then left to starve, or be forced into prostitution in order to NOT fucking die from poverty and homelessness, malnourishment, utility shut-offs, etc. from lack of any income)?

A society that won’t even provide poor women with an unconditional livable guaranteed basic income and decent medical and dental care since we’re discriminated against for all the good jobs that have health and dental benefits and paid leave?

A society where a poor rural white girl in Appalachia, or the Ozarks, or the desolate plains of Wisconsin stands a greater chance of being trafficked into forced prostitution at the age of 11–14 and then dying while in “the life” before age 25 than she does of getting into college, earning a STEM degree and getting a good-paying job in IT?

The very same society that lets its poorest women suffer and die prematurely from unrelieved abject poverty with a life expectancy of only age 60 — almost a full two decades younger than rich white males who have everything but are too greedy to share?

That society, Mr. King?

And of course, the only financial obligations many male “breadwinners” ever really support is their partying, their expensive toys, and splurging on “sex tourism” vacations and buying poor sex trafficked underaged girls being sold on Backpage, while poor women and children go without decent clothing, housing, food, utilities, and medical and dental care (while told that if we’re poor and unable to make it in this society, it’s our own damn fault).

Even soldiers get a payheck and health and dental benefits, a military pension, and preferential civilian hiring and the right to a job with dignity, and free college as compensation for their conscription. What do women get for an 18+ year long “tour of duty” of giving birth to your spawn, and raising and taking care of all of your ungrateful, selfish, spoiled, self-entitled, privileged white male selves?

When this society starts taking much better care of poor women and treating us like equal human beings whose basic human rights, lives, wellbeing, economic claims and needs matter just as much as yours, and when this society stops discarding its own poor, its own sick, its own disabled, its own elderly, and its own children that have already been born — then and only then will this same society be worth it for women to have enough babies to suit your unreasonable demands. Until then, go fuck yourself and raise your own bastards you immoral, selfish fucking prick.