The Sphere of Influence

There is change afoot. The USA is under the control of a megalomaniac. People are metaphorically running for the hills, wringing their hands in disbelief. Frightened for the future, lost in the uncertainty of what’s to come.

Last night, I connected online with some of my friends in the US. I could see uncertainly in their faces, I could hear it in their voices. How do you restore calm and clear thinking when their world is in turmoil?

Of course, the answer is that their world isn’t in turmoil. Their thoughts are. Yes, there will be changes. Yes, they may be sweeping. Yes, they could even be dangerous. But they also may not be. We simply don’t know.

In fact, we never know. We simply tell ourselves a story based on history. There has never been a President Elect like Donald Trump. There is no blueprint for his office. We can only look to his empire building to get a glimpse into what this man may do. One thing is for certain though, we cannot influence how he leads America.

But, there are things that we can influence. We can take decisions on how we talk to ourselves. We can decide how we act towards other people. We can become the person we would be proud to know. We can be kind. We can be brave.

I heard a lovely quotation. It was given in the context of dealing with toddler tantrums but it’s relevant to just about any conflict situation…. “when they go low, we go high”.