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How does everyone get on Danny’s case about this? Has no one ever considered that maybe the Bulls were not going to deal Butler to a conference rival in the first place? And because they would not they set the price at stupid highs? I mean look at what Chicago reportedly wanted:

Both Brooklyn picks plus 2–3 players of Brown, Smart, Bradley and Crowder. Who in their right mind would make this deal? Yes Butler is great and all but hell… you empty out the cupboard completely for this one deal that might still not come to fruition. Look at what the Bulls got instead. Nobody can tell me that Danny didn’t offer the Number three pick this year plus Brown or Bradley and maybe the Lakers pick next year without taking Chicagos pick back. That’s a reasonable deal. But I’m sick and tired of people complaining about Danny for not going through with lopsided trades.

It will be the same when George gets traded to the Spurs for a bucket of water and LaMarcus Aldridge. People will curse Danny Ainge. However… I would not deal half my farm away for a rental either. Plus, Larry Bird isn’t in charge anymore so chances are the new front office doesn’t want to face George 4 times a year and in the playoffs.

The same is true for Porzingis. He doesn’t have an Allstar nod and no real track record yet Phil reportedly wants both Brooklyn picks and 3 players and possibly dump the Noah contract. How the hell would Boston do that? They’d be out of competition for 3 years. That’s insane. And yet again people criticise and criticise.

It’s not the fucking trade machine. It’s the actual NBA. Teams ask absolutely insane prices and all you guys ever say is “Do it! “Do it!” while possibly destroying the future of your own team. Has anybody asked Butler or George if they wanted to play for the Celtics or not? Maybe they simply didn’t so the asking price went up. Has anybody asked the opposing GMs if they ever entertained the notion of trading them to Boston at all and by that trade made the historically biggest franchise in the NBA huge again? Maybe all of them didn’t which is why the asking price was so insane.

I love my Celtics and I love that Danny Ainge tries what he can to make good deals. He is not getting fleeced. That was Red Auerbachs policy and it worked. They still have a shot at Hayward and after that could possibly convince the Pacers to trade for a more reasonable price. Or they could just not do it and focus on loading up with more talent in next years draft. Their team improved and if you add Hayward you are looking at a 60 win team. So why waste all those assets for one player when you already have a good group of guys that need one more go to scorer to become really great?

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