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I hope he gets crushed the first couple of games against real point guards and maybe get down to earth after that. Would be so fun to see Steph break his ankles 5 times in a game and then just lazily step over him to float it in. I’d love to see CP3 get 10 steals a game of him and Kyrie going off for 100 points on him because he can’t defend a block of concrete.

I seriously hope that they are all sharpening their knives and just absolutely demolish him and his ridiculous and idiotic father. Probably not though because Lavar will say “Oh yeah Lonzo is shit, but wait for my other sons” and then pull the same shit again three times until Bol Bol and Shareef O’Neil and Lebron James Jr. have destroyed those two too. Maybe then we will finally get some rest from this ridiculous family.