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Jesus Christ… that’s as much bullshit as Dieter Baumann and the tooth paste.

Seriously I have just fucking heard enough of all the bullshit excuses. Like Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds and their giant melon heads and tiny testicles. For crying out loud let them dope. Who cares? What’s the point? At least if you let them dope they can do it under proper medical care and some serious testing and developement can go into the drugs to make sure they are reasonably save.

People always tend to forget what Henry Maske (former East German professional boxer who went 30–0 before losing via split decision to Virgil Hill, defended his IBF light heavyweight title 10 times, won Olympic Gold in 1988 and is a sporting hero in Germany) said, when they asked him about doping during the GDR years and later on “You don’t just take some drugs and get good all of a sudden, you still have to work your arse off every day and do ungodly amounts of training.” That’s exactly right. You still have to work fucking hard. Did Bonds and McGwire do it? Sure, but they still had to hit the ball and field and, in case of Bary Bonds before he became rubbish, you also had to run and steal bases. Did Lance dope? Did Jan Ulrich dope? Did Bjarne Riise dope? Did Miguel Indurain dope? Sure, but you still have to torture yourself over thousands of kilometres in every kind of weather, you still have to control your bike on soul crushing climbs and frightening descends, you still have to fucking ride miles and miles to get and stay in shape. Did Marc Spitz, Michael Phelps and others dope? Definitely but ask them how many hours a day they spent staring at tiles in swimming pools.

Let them dope. Most guys do it anyway, or do you honestly believe that Lebron would still look like Lebron after the amount of minutes he put in without HGH and steroids for his back? Do you think Michael Jordan could have transformed his body into a baseball body in one year and back into basketball shape for prime time in 4 months? Do you think he could have come back after 3 years off and at age 38 and still play without the same treatment? Don’t kid yourself. They all did it. It’s the same with soccer. I seriously don’t want to know what they put into Cristiano Ronaldo to keep him running like he does, but we aren’t talking about the old unleaded here. That’s at least super, if not super plus V8 and you only get that when you do the Keith Richards treatment of having your blood replaced every year with the blood of a 14 year old virgin.

So let them drug out. Who doesn’t want to see Super Saiyajin Russ?

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