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Micah thank you very much for your article. The comment section has turned very negative already and tbh to me it feels the criticism leveled at you for your age is just thinly veiled racism “How dare the black man criticise our favourite Uncle Tom on TV for making us feel that the whole issue is overblown and showing us how simple it is to solve and that it is mainly the black communities fault.” So instead of calling you out on your skin colour they use your age.

Now I love Chuck as an analyst. However he is absolutely not qualified to lead such a show. Not only is he absolutely not aware of most of the issues because he just doesn’t care most of the time, but he is also in the position of having lived a sheltered live for the last 30 years. Everybody knows him, he earns millions, rides on private jets, lives a luxury live, goes gambling every day etc. Of course he grew up in the Projects in the 60s but that time is long past and he hast left that life behind 40 years ago.

I believe you have the right to be critical about that, given that you do not enjoy any of these privileges and have probably encountered your fair share of the problems that the show discusses.

For any white person who is not afraid to check their privilege and get real on a lot of issues I would strongly advise “Dear White People” the movie and show. Maybe that opens your eyes to what Micah is talking about here.

Please continue your work.

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