You’re right.
Kyle Bliquez

No offence but that is not comparable. None of the players on your team are on the level of Lebron. None. Kevin Love is a much better post player than André Drummond and Kyrie Irving is younger and arguably better than IT. The Cavs got slaughtered in the regular season and if the East had any realy competition they might have been the number 4 or 5 seed.

Furthermore they didn’t get past the New Warriors and so that’s the major problem here: You are paying top dollar whilst competing against the greatest player ever and the best team ever… basically in their window of opportunity, plus a resurging Wizards, a resurging Bucks, a resurging Philly. All of that has to be taken into account. You are proposing to have the Celtics pay the luxury for 5 plus years and keep players around in their 30’s when they will have no trade value left (IT and Horford) and you propose playing a player like Drummond 25 mio a year who is arguably worse than most rim protecting bigs out there right now that you can grab for a penny. You are also proposing this while the Celtics have two stashes overseas that could turn out to be at least as good as Drummond and with the next draft being massively packed with quality big man. That’s just insane.

Furthermore the Celtics would lack any appeal to get any quality old guys because those guys have at least 2 if not 3 or even 4 destinations to choose from. They can go to the Warriors, the Cavs, the Spurs or the Heat so you are choice number 5 on the list plus, unlike Cavs, Spurs, Heat and Warriors you can’t point to a championship banner from the last 5–6 years and to a coach who brought you there.

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