thats actually not true.
Charles Tyler

Reports are just reports. I also didn’t defend the trade so stop attacking me.

Like I said, I’m fairly certain IF they offer was ever on the table Ainge would have possibly pulled the trigger however I do believe that it never was. I think the Bulls never went down from their perch. They were reportedly asking for both Brooklyn picks plus Brown, Crowder and Bradley which is insane. So obvious Danny wouldn’t do it. However here is what I believe:

They found out that there are simply no teams besides the Celtics and Philly that could put together a deal that was anywhere close to fair value. Philly was apparently not interested by all accounts so I personally think that the Bulls might have simply pissed of Danny too much over the last couple of months and he might either not have taken their call or simply not gotten another one because the Bulls knew they pissed him off.

Seriously there is no other explanation for that. You said it yourself: Butler is a top 15 player, the Celtics have been chasing him, he still has 3 years left on his very team friendly contract and the Celtics could have easily made some cap space for him and still pursued Hayward. There is simply no reason not to throw in the number 3 pick (as reportedly Danny was willing to do for Porzingis) and the Lakers pick next year plus Bradley and for example Crowder. It’s still fairly cheap for a talent of Butler’s stature but it’s fair to both teams. So quite honestly I can not see the number 3 pick not being in the conversation when it was in every other conversation the Celtics have had regarding George and or Porzingis.