So the country that has a well documented history of imperialism and oppression of African…
Omar Hernandez

True homosexuals, Sinti and Roma, Polish and Russian people as well as communists, social democrats and the disabled were also killed during the Nazi years. None of that happened openly though. The Attack on Jewish people did. They were segregated before they were killed. They were persecuted before they were killed.

You didn’t really understand what I was trying to say. Yes all of that is racist as are imperialist politics but that’s not the same as importing slavery into your own country or having institutionalized racism. That never happened in Germany apart from 12 years from 1933–1945. We didn’t have slavery and there was no slavery in the colonies either. We didn’t import the mistreatment of Africans and the persecution and institutionalized racism ended after 12 years in 1945. Hence most of the things you mention didn’t effect the average German who came after negatively. The Holocaust in every form including a visit to a concentration camp is part of school and nobody, besides a few idiots, denies that it happened or owns up to it as a German.

Colonialism in Africa was such a small part in German history that most Germans barely know that we had colonies. We had colonies from 1884 to 1918. I’m sure it wasn’t a good time for those countries and I’m sure attrocities were committed, as they always are during colonial rule, however if you check the history books the genocides on the Herero and the Maji Maji were a major news story back in the day and led to the the government party nearly losing power during 1906 election and was the start of a complete revamp of colonial politics as people were outraged about the attrocities. But again it isn’t a huge part of history and it didn’t effect Germany itself because it was over within a generation.

What you do forget in all these criticism is the different side of the coin. The GDR, the German Democratic republic, from 1949 to 1989 was massively involved in helping fledgling African, Asian and Arab states economically, had extremely good relations with them, accepted a large number of exchange students from Angola and Mocambique as well as Vietnam, Cambodia, North Korea and other places and had an aggressive anti-imperialist, anti-facist and anti-racism policy. That doesn’t wipe the slate clean but it goes toward explaining why to me I feel that racism hasn’t had a place in Germany for the last 70 years as it did in other countries, especially racism based on skin colour.

Trust me, I know my countries history. It doesn’t change the fact though that although our police are armed, they do not go on the hunt for black and brown people, although we have between 4 and 6 mio immigrants living here, there isn’t a higher percentage of them in jail than white Germans, we never had segregation, we do not force our immigrant population or people of different skin colour to live in shitty neighbourhoods and attend shitty schools and no one has tried to take away their votes in elections. We have racism like every other country but we never had it as a governmental policy in the last 70 years and its institutionalization never took root after 1945 nor was it a part of German law before 1933. That is the difference.

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