i am a bulls fan and was all for trading butler and reloading, but this trade was horrible.
Charles Tyler

Well I’m suprised too. But that is what happens when you don’t want a conference rival to get your player and there set an absurd price tag that nobody is willing to pay.

Honestly… yes I might have had my doubts dealing Butler in the East but if the return was good? Why not? I can’t imagine that Ainge would not have been fine with dealing Jaylen Brown, the number 3 pick and maybe the Lakers pick for Butler without taking the number 16 pick. That’s a reasonable trade for someone of Butlers skills and standing and it would have helped the bulls tremendously. However, by all accounts they wanted both Brooklyn picks and possibly 3 players of Brown, Smart, Bradley and Crowder and that would have just been an insane deal to make for the Lakers.

So basically they got themselves into the same position as the Kings… asking for the world for a year and then getting shit because everybody else had pulled out and wouldn’t even take their phone calls anymore because they thought it would be another prank. There is no other explanation. The Lakers would have probably given up Russell, Randall and their pick for Butler and I’m pretty a lot of other teams tried to.

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