It’s hard to believe this was a factor considering after trading Butler the Bulls and Celtics will…
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What does that matter? I wasn’t suggesting that they are in direct competition given that the Bulls are rebuilding but it makes a hell of a lot of difference whether you trade someone to a team that could whoop your ass in the Playoffs for the next 5 years, with that guy on board, or whether you deal that guy to some shitty little franchise in the West that you’ll see twice a year and probably not see in an NBA final ever, whereas if you deal him to the Celtics there might actually be a risk of having to see him make the NBA Finals and maybe even win it and prove that he could have been the cornerstone of a dynasty that you basically just weren’t intelligent enough to build around.

Can you give me any other reason why they would have accepted this terrible deal? Hell the Lakers would have probably given them Russell and their pick for Butler if they knew he could have been had this cheaply. I honestly believe what I wrote. They were set on taking the Celtics for everything they were worth for having to face Butler several times a year and possibly every year in the Playoffs over the next 5–7 years and the Celtics simply wouldn’t have it. I mean… Philly could have pulled of that trade with their eyes closed. They have enough assets to make it happen. Take on Lopez’s contract, give them two picks and Saric and Holmes and you have a better deal then what the Bulls got. However… the Phillies didn’t do that either. No one topped that shitty deal? Was that really because they all offered rubbish or was it because Chicago asked for so much that in the end only shitty offers were left because the Colangelos, Rob Pelinka and Danny Ainge were tired of listening to Bulls bullshit while not getting any closer to an actual deal? How do you end up with this rubbish return when you deal one of the NBA’s top 15 players with 3 years left on a friendly contract unless you scare of anybody, don’t want to trade in your own conference and then are left with shitty offers?