Lebron’s not on the Mount Rushmore of bball (Jordan, Kareem, Shaq and Magic.)
Kurt Russell

Why people would even bother putting Wilt in that conversation is still a mystery to me. That man played mainly against other players half his size, hogged the ball relentlessly, padded his stats every turn, refused to foul out even in crucial situations so he basically never played any D at the end of the games etc. People like that just do not belong in the GOAT list. Oscar was no GOAT either. Russel was the GOAT in the 60s, 70s goat is up for grabs but I would still possibly consider someone like Jerry West who played the majority of his career in the 60s or Walt Frazier, Bill Walton before even Kareem because Kareem was a lazy bum during possibly the weakest era of the NBA even behind the 50s and the main man of that time played in the ABA which was Dr J. During the 80s it’s Larry Legend and Magic Johnson, during the 90s it’s MJ and you could possibly consider Hakeem in that discussion.

Yeah MJ was crazy good but it’s stupid to consider one player the GOAT anyway. Bill Russel would struggle nowadays and MJ would not have been MJ in the 60s one on one I’m not sure Mike couldn’t have stopped Bill as he was physically basically Michael in large. Much faster than nearly every big man who ever played, absolutely ripped, stamina for days. They would possibly go into a stalemate. I doubt that Mike could have stopped a prime time Bird or Magic. Now Magic would probably have struggled defensively against Mike but Larry would have given MJ the business on offense and defense and Mike would have given it right back. A healthy Dr J would have been unstoppable on offense, especially one on one (remember that’s the “I play in the park every summer” Dr J) defensively he might have a struggled with Mike but if Mike can’t stop him either that basically turns into another stalemate.

Any of those guys would be great. Same as Lebron. The difference to me is that at least Bird, Magic, Bill and Lebron knew it takes a team to win and have always played like that. It took Mike most of his career to figure that out and even then he didn’t really play like it most of the time whereas Lebron, Magic, Bird and Bill understood that right away and played like that from the start. They upliftet even the shittiest player next to them whereas Mike preferred hero ball. Now he was successfull with it and he was on TV for more people to see and he was amazing and he played hard on both ends so he is rightfully on that MT Rushmore. But I wouldn’t take Mike if I were to play a game for the survival of humanity. I’d have Magic, Jerry West, Larry Bird, Lebron James and Bill Russell, because I know that any of them would give a shot up willingly if they saw an open passing lane or someone who is in a better position than themselves unlike Mike who would use this game to prove that he is the fucking GOAT of the universe and ain’t nobody stopping Mike and would try and score 100 points against them without anybody else touching the ball. Not happening. Mike would be on my Ball Hog Team: Russell Westbrook, Mike, Melo, Bob McAdoo and Wilt.

You tell me which team’s game for your survival you would turn off early and sleep well thinking: They got his! I sure as shit wouldn’t sleep well knowing Mike and Wilt play for our survival.

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