I specifically said the culture for a reason.
Jovan Robinson

Yeah… no. Sorry man but being a pastor doesn’t mean anything, especially if you are as vindictive as Jackson who, years after the fact, still tries to claim all the credit for the team and still insists that he could have gotten them to the same point. A winning culture is established by actually winning and inspiring a culture in the locker room. That wasn’t there before. Curry wasn’t a leader, Thompson was on the trading block and Draymond was a scrub barely playing above 20 minutes a game.

Check the Bad Boys Pistons for a winning culture. You get a leader and find him likeminded people and they will form a winning culture. Trader Jack drafted Zeke and traded for Laimbeer. That’s your winning culture and team identity right there. Kerr unlocked Stephs potential, unshakled Thompson through that change and made Draymond a starter and Allstar. Jerry West vetoed any Thompson trade discussions. If Mark Jackson had continued coaching that team you’d be watching Monta Ellis, Kevin Love and Iggy trying to go for 40 wins. That’s not a winning culture.

Everybody, from the coaching staff to the players, has stated that Steve Kerr unshackled that team and organisation. He lend his ear to everyone on the coaching staff and empowered them, he put his players into position to succeed and grow personally and professionally and more importantly… he won it all in his first season. Mark Jackson can preach all he wants to and talk about the magic carpenter, he has absolutely no claim to a winning culture or how this team is today.

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