Duolingo: Learning a New Language

I have always been interested in learning a new language and to improve on my Vietnamese as well. This week, Duolingo was introduced and I decided to explore and test the site to see what it is about!


What is Duolingo?

Interested in learning a language but don’t have the time to actually go to class, or even the money? Then, Duolingo may be an option for you. Duolingo is a free online language-learning platform that can be done so on their website, or their app, which you can access on a smartphone, or tablet.

First, Duolingo offers a selection of languages that you can choose from. Once you have selected the language you would like to learn, you start at the basics. For instance the language I selected was Vietnamese, so you would receive simple phrases such as “ I am a woman”, you would then translate it to the language you are learning and vice versa. The nice thing is that once you drag your cursor over the word, it translates it for you, if you are having difficulty. Also, you are able to hear how words/phrases are being said. Overall, the level advances the more you practice and complete the tasks provided for you. You can see more of what Duolingo offers with the video below.


The greatest advantage for Duolingo is that it is …


-You do not have to spend a lot of money to learn a language and to improve your skills!

-Also, Duolingo let’s you go at your own pace. It motivates you to learn, but at your own speed, so there is no pressure. It tracks your progress and let’s you know how you are doing!

-There is an online forum, which others learning the same language as you can help you as well!



Like many things, there are its pros and cons. A con to this website is that the voice is a bit robotic. So when learning/pronouncing some words and phrases, it may seem a bit unnatural and awkward as it is not being said by a person.

Although Duolingo offers many languages, there are some that are not there still. It offers the most popular languages, this would affect an individual who is not interested in learning the popular languages. To improve, they could offer some time of audio recording to ensure you are pronouncing things correctly.

Final Thoughts?


Overall, I highly recommend Duolingo as a learning language app, especially since it is free. For a website that offers a free service like this, I think the quality of it is really good. You are able to learn new vocabulary and phrases and can slowly improve! It is a good app that connects and brings the community together, for each other’s benefit. So, give it a shot, after all it is free and easy to navigate!