Come Again? Orgasm privilege, casual sex, and female pleasure
Lauren Ingram

Most women are uncomfortable with their own sexuality, thanks to our Victorian heritage. However, many younger women who are still in their child-bearing years, find intercourse still appealing. This is despite not typically resulting in climax, because of their innate urge or “wiring” for propagation of the species, whether children are desired or not. Many of us have trouble expressing what we truly want in the bedroom. That’s because we fear hurting our mate’s feelings leading to the potential consequences of their anger and even abandonment.

As women mature into their pre- and post-menopausal years, their preferred expression of sexually intimacy often dramatically changes, which include wanting deeper emotional connection and other forms of physical intimacy beyond intercourse. There is research taken directly from U.S. census data that shows among women living with a same sex partner, 36% of those in their 40’s had been married to a man at some point. Among women in their 50’s who were living with another woman, more than 50% had left a straight marriage behind. And, that percentage jumps to 75% for those aged 60 or older.

So the message here is, women will strive to find the form and expression of intimacy that they want and may even be willing to “switch teams” to find it.

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