The Adventures of Rafal and Jacqueline Rudzinski

Baby Rudzinski’s First International Adventure

June 21, 2017

Day 9: We slept in late for the summer solstice … I guess at least we have more sunlight for sightseeing despite being well rested.

We went to eat breakfast at A. Blikle. He is the man who made the pączki, polish donut (similar to a malasada), popular/famous.

We had a special espresso drink that had rose petal jam and whipped cream. Very odd combination, and was like drinking a combination of thick tea-coffee-dessert.

We ordered the “Polish Breakfast” (they had English and New York breakfasts too). The Polish breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, bread, ham, tomatoes, farmers cheese (which is described as cottage cheese, and can be sweet or unsweetened, but reminds me more of ricotta cheese than cottage cheese) jam, horseradish, and pączki. Rafał said horseradish at breakfast is similar to the equivalent of ketchup.

So you cut open a piece of bread, put the farmers cheese on it and top with the meat and horseradish.

After we ate, we took an Uber for about $2 (a twenty minute drive 😲) to the War Uprising Museum. The museum was made in honor of the people of Poland who fought and died to make Poland independent. There were many displays, images and artifacts collected from the Polish Underground State (people involved in the resistance against the occupation of Poland by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union).

They created underground newspapers and here were printing presses:

BMW made bikes for Hitler, with a sidecar to carry machine guns.

Found some mushrooms on a letter written by a child ❤️

There was a replica B-24 Liberator - a heavy bomber plane used in World War II.

Found another polish guy with the nickname Rudy for the people who call him Rudy (although the actual fact being shared on this is devastating).

Really neat display

And saw what we think is some submarine pod?

After we left the museum, we made our way to Łazienki Park, where the last elected king of Poland lived and cultivated the current appearance of the area.

The “Name Day” Sundial in the courtyard in front of the Royal Palace

Beautiful flower garden

We ordered some ice cream and a waffle for baby:

We met up with Beata again and walked to Old Town and New Old Town. We made some friends:

A neat little Asian inspired garden:

We found an ER vet clinic, and saw Hills (a worker had scrubs that were sponsored by Hills as well).

Chopin Museum and some neat street art:


The fun, colorful architecture near the Old Town square and Old Town Square:

Science. Marie Curie was Polish. #womeninscience.

Beautiful mini Belagio fountain show

We made our way to get dinner in Old Town area. It was a touristy spot but the food was good. I had baked duck, potatoes and apples with a traditional beet soup. The beet soup was sweet, but can be sour, spicy, etc.

Rafał had a pork cutlet and a traditional chicken noodle soup. That soup is much more watered down than the chicken noodle soup we’re used to in the US.

We made the long haul, stuffed, back to our apartment. We had walked about 6-7 miles by the end of the day. We ended the night with some hot chocolate from E. Wedel, a popular Polish chocolate company.

We made it back to the apartment around 11:30pm, did a small load of laundry so it could air dry for the night. Tomorrow, we are going to Auschwitz, which will be an all day travel affair. Until then!