The Adventures of Rafal and Jacqueline Rudzinski

Baby Rudzinski’s First International Adventure

June 23, 2017

Day 11: Today was the first day of the trip we woke up to rainy weather (well minus the rain that sprinkled on us in Iceland while visiting the waterfalls). So we slept in, as we had done most of the important sightseeing things we wanted to do in Warsaw already.

We packed up, got an Uber to the airport and found some French-Polish breakfast. Photos because I am lame (and because they are the only photos from today).

We got on our flight from Warsaw to Gdańsk — we were delayed about 50 min waiting for other passengers who were late arriving to Warsaw. We have a tight connection in Chicago, so I really hope when we fly home, everything goes smoothly…

We landed in Gdańsk and made our way to the rental car counter, where we were told Rafał needed an international drivers license to drive. So word of advice, check beforehand… Expedia didn’t warn us he would need one to rent the car, and we figured since we did it in Iceland with no problems, that it would be fine here. nope. Luckily, his cousins met us outside baggage claim so they drove us to our Air BnB in Gdynia, 30 minutes away. Rafał’s cousin’s wedding is tomorrow. Gdynia is a city on the Baltic Sea, and it really is beautiful! We walked along the beach/boardwalk area(?) to get some late lunch/early dinner at Sphinx, a popular shawarma restaurant. No photos here because I didn’t want to embarrass Rafał in front of family taking my food photos.

We headed back home for a quiet night, doing laundry and relaxing. I can’t believe the trip is almost over 😩😢😭

Until tomorrow!