The Adventures of Rafal and Jacqueline Rudzinski

Baby Rudzinski’s First International Adventure

June 26, 2017

Day 15: For the last full day of our trip, we spent the day walking around Mońki. It’s a cute small town, I really enjoyed the area! We had breakfast at home before Rafałs dad came over with goodies to ship back. He also gave us a beautiful clock and tea set that were too big to fit in our luggage so we packed everything up and went to the post office. The building reminded me of the post office in Paauilo. One lady working in a small room in the building.

After dropping our package off, we went to visit Rafał’s grandpa’s sister, who is in a nursing home. She was so happy to get to see Rafał. It’s been wonderful to meet his family. She said she hasn’t really been able to see the seasons or flowers so we got a bouquet for her. The florist made the bouquet in front of us, so that was really neat.

After visiting, we got lunch at the only restaurant in town that you can sit down and be served at. We had soups and a pork cutlet dish. I only got a picture of the soup, but it was by far my favorite soup this trip! It’s made of cauliflower.

After getting lunch, we explored the town. We thought there was an ice cream shop so our goal was to walk around and make our way to the shop. Sadly, there was no shop (despite a good google review two months ago).

There are communist era apartments as well as contemporary houses in the town. This house had a mushroom on it:

Cute preschool building:

Rafał’s elementary school:

The high school where Rafał’s mom used to teach at was next door to the elementary school:

There was a nice central area with some neat fountains, game tables, an airplane, and some monuments to honor the Polish victims in WWII.

We found one of the two local vet clinics in town. I look awful in all the pictures, but will still add it

This is the main church and is the city’s focal point. It was beautiful!

We made our way home and passed the other church in town, it’s newer and across town (15 min walk)

We were picked up by Rafałs dad and his friend and right outside the apartment, we saw firefighters rescuing a cat from a tree! You don’t see that much anymore!

We went to visit the cemetery where Rafałs grandma and great grandparents were. It’s customary to buy the plots as pairs for both husband and wife to lay next to each other. The ground above all the plots have flower beds. I didn’t take any pictures but the graves were pretty. They also had photos on the headstones.

We met his friends dog, who is a German shepherd dachshund mix… 😳 not sure how that happened.. 😂 it was actually pretty cute though!

We also went to spend time with Rafałs grandpa and uncle for the evening before going home. Met his uncles dog Sara

We FaceTimed with Adriana, Emma and Iza before making our way home for the night.

We leave for home in the morning. It’s been a wonderful trip. I don’t want to go back… but does anyone ever really want a vacation to end?? Poland has been beautiful and it’s been great meeting my new family 😄

Until tomorrow.