Jesus as wisdom teacher rather than personal savior
Jonas Ellison

Agree, and agree. I see Jesus as a man who, very simply put, had a vision to teach all who would listen to love one another. He also had a very special Father, one who, gave him a choice…as all good parents would do. Jesus knew what needed to be done. Teacher, yes. Savior, yes. Some of my favorite people were teachers who were my saviors as well. I believe in Jesus, and I believe in his works, many written by Thomas and Mary, and those writings that never got into the gospels by the men who made it their priority to keep some stuff out that would not work out well with the patriarchs of the new Christian church. I was brought up Roman Catholic, turned Episcopalian so I can know that priests can be married, women or gay as long as they do the right thing which is to preach the teachings of Jesus. ( yes, I know organized religion tends to not teach His real work, just some of it…) I digress. Jesus is my savior, my teacher, my Prince of Peace in my heart and soul.

(And, with no disrespect, so is Dave Matthews…..)